Saturday, June 14, 2014

About the birds and bees..

The kids came running home after play last evening, sounding very excited. The cause of excitement, as I learnt later, were a couple of snakes in the open grassy land next to the apartment.

 “Mamma the snakes were mating,” the elder one told me, “or maybe they were fighting, because they were coiled together”.

I was suddenly all ears, more curious to know where he had picked up that word. Not wanting to sound scandalised, I casually asked him, “What is mating?”

“I think they were trying to have a baby.”

Gosh. How do kids even begin to know all this?

“Who told you that?” I asked him.

“My friend, C, he is 7th std now, he knows.”

 “Hmm… ” I said, half expecting him to ask me how exactly do they do it!

“Will the snake lay eggs?” he wanted to know.

“Yea it will.”

“How are the human babies born? Did you lay an egg too when I was born?”

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  1. You handled the questions so well, S and wonderful pointers too! Agree, it is important as parents to have natural and gradual talks with children about this taboo subject. Usually, we dont feel comfortable but in the times we live, it is important they have the right info at the right age and this age is much earlier than we parents think :D

  2. hahaha.. some memories revisited .. ! .. mind of the curious child is most dangerous .. it needs to be satisfied accordingly in proper manner .else it wonders at forbidden places for that age. glad that you aren't holding back things back !

  3. It is important to give sufficient information, neither too much nor too little. Your tips show very well how this can be done.

  4. Kids are smart! I'm not saying 'these days', for we knew everything by the time we were 6yrs old:)

  5. he he he he .. hmmm so I hope you explained the little one :) ..

    well I think in todays day and age it is More important for parents to tell their kids properly because information is right there for anyone and everyone.. BUT how they relate to it is what matters the most and that where parents need to be careful what and how they explain.. because info once taken WRONGly has bad effects .. and that is true for every scenario ..


  6. You handled the situation very well. And those are some great tips for parents or any one looking after or working with children. I especially like the part about keeping answers short and simple and double checking with children if they have any follow-up questions. A very helpful post for all parents, I am sure.

  7. Ah! Wisely handled. In your position I would have laid an egg trying to answer the kid :)

  8. Read your article on parentous. That was really well answered. And I am sure many parents would have found it helpful.


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