Sunday, May 10, 2015

Of Moms and Sons!!

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The other day, a friend commented about how I frequently change the pictures on the wall, “You must have a great collection, and even greater patience,” she said.

“No,” I told her plainly,” I’m a mom of two boys!!”

Moms who have only boys will know what I’m talking about. After a while, you just get used to damaged property and replacing and repairing, like that is what you were born to do. A cricket game that ends triumphantly with smashed window panes showering down like a meteor, broken picture frames that hang precariously from the wall begging you to get them off their perch, broken bones and bruises which teach you how you can get blood almost out of anything, patches of greasy palm prints and grafitti all over the walls, which by the way, reflect the sheer wastefulness of getting your home painted; I think you get the drift...yea, that’s what being a mom to only boys is all about. The whole house is their playground, and you will become an expert at ducking before the ball knocks you down...after having been knocked down a few times before! By the time the boys are able to walk about on their own feet, you would know the phone number of the carpenter, mechanic, plumber and any other repair person by heart and they would know your address even as you place your call and say hello!
Toys under the coffee table!
and graffiti on the walls!
You will also learn how to walk without tripping on the umpteen things on wheels that adorn your floor that you so painstakingly just cleaned a few hours ago, and after a few years, cars perched on sofas, trains hanging from the corner of the bed and trucks sitting where the flower vase should have been, no longer seem unusual and cleaning the house does not seems like a necessity anymore! By the way, the flower vase would have by then become past tense and after replacing it for the nth time you will no longer have patience to waste your hard earned money to buy a vase that will soon be broken again.

You will also learn how powerless you become when the cricket and football seasons arrive.  You will have practically no control over the remote, with the boys ganging up on you 3:1. And added to that, they will be perennially hungry, and you will spend most of your time stuck to the stove.

 ‘How do I look’, will always be met with a stony silence and a stare as if it was the most stupid question to ask. Men anyway have no idea how to answer that question, whatever their age! There is never a comment on what kind of makeup looks good on me or what clothes I look good in. The answer will always a ‘hmmm…’ whatever that means!

These are the times I sorely miss having a daughter; a daughter with whom I could share my makeup and jewelry and clothes. Without her, all my years of experience as a girl and woman seem so wasted! My sister’s daughter, all of 8 years, has already laid claim to large part of her mom’s inheritance she tells me, and I look at all the stuff that I have been collecting over the years and worry what will become of them?!

All the stuffed toys that I brought in expectation of having a daughter lie untouched, gathering dust. The teddy bear(s) that should have been cuddled up in the arms of my kids sit high up in the attic! You will learn early on that boys have this fascination for cars and anything that moves on wheels, right from the moment they are born! That and video games. Whatever their age!

But all said and done, I wouldn't trade my boys for anything or anyone in the world. Because some relationships are forever. Can any feeling compare to the way the younger one buries his head into me as he sleeps or the way the elder one curls up on my lap after a tiring day outThe little hands that lock into mine and the shiny eyes that smile at me, the animated non-stop chatter, and the palms that cradle my cheeks, are priceless. And to top that, you get all the attention that only boys can shower you with! 

Ah! the perks of being a mother! 
That's how he sleeps with his face buried into me!!
And those little palms are forever on my cheeks!

Being a mom is forever!!


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