Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for VIBGYOR

I had taken my kids out to the park, and it suddenly started drizzling. The sun was still out and we had not expected a shower at all. While I was feeling bad about an evening ruined for the kids, they excitedly pointed out to a beautiful rainbow sweeping across the sky. A ray of sun through the tiny drops of water breaks into a colourful jig of seven colours, VIBGYOR as we know them. The sight of a rainbow was enough to turn those frowns into smiles.

The Seven colours, each bearing a different significance and meaning, invoke feelings and beliefs unique to each of them. What the colours symbolised looked like a summary of what I had been writing all month long!

Red is the colour of love, passion, energy and enthusiasm.

Orange symbolizes creativity and playfulness, bringing about a balance of both in life.

Yellow is bright, chirpy and happy and symbolizes vibrancy, energy, and wisdom.

Green has a calming effect and is the colour of fertility, and growth, good health, harmony.

Blue is soothing and relaxing and is the colour of divinity, the colour of peace, understanding and communication.

Indigo symbolizes infinity, mastery over the self and intuition.

Violet symbolizes royalty, and spirituality.

Together they symbolize how much infinite potential lies within each one of us; the potential to love, to be creative, to be happy, to grow, to understand, to be playful,  to be vibrant, to be wise, to be harmonious and peaceful, and finally to have control over our self and to be one with God!

The rainbow is a symbol of hope; it tells you how a ray of light can bring out the brightest of colours from a single colur- white….and how you can choose to be that light in someone’s life, turning their world colourful or trust someone to be that light for you!

What took me a month to say, the rainbow said it all with its band of seven colours!  

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