Saturday, May 24, 2014

Apron Strings..

“Mom, see what I drew in class today”, my elder one chirped as he came back from his drawing class.

“What’s this, it looks beautiful.” I said taking the sheet of paper he so enthusiastically put in my hands.

“Sir wanted us to imagine that we had turned into ants and have crept into mummy purse. We had to draw what we saw inside.”

That sounded cool! ‘Let me see how far his imagination had run’, I thought.

He had drawn an open purse, brown, just like mine, and the contents inside. I couldn’t really make out what they were so I asked him to explain.

“See, that’s your lipstick and that, is your eyeliner”, he said pointing out to two familiar looking shapes in brown and black, “and this is your hanky, your comb, your mobile, your keys, vehicle license, and see I even drew your book.” He sounded quite pleased with himself. Actually, I was quite pleased with him too.

I didn’t realize an 8 year old knew all that! There, I could make out, whatever he had just described, and yes! the book….a red cover with ‘Danielle Steel’ written on it! (Spelled correctly too!)He knew what I was currently reading! 

 I was touched.  

When had my little baby grown up?

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