Friday, April 14, 2017

L - 5 beautiful Love poems

Love is a beautiful emotion. It is the basis for any relationship, be it between parent and child, man and woman, between siblings, or friends. But what forms the basis of love? Here are 5 beautiful poems that sum up the essence of love.

Express it!

 True, isn’t it? What use is the love that you hold in your heart? Show it and shower it on the one you love. Love without expression is like a song without the music and lyrics! 

Overlook the faults.

We all have our flaws, yet we expertly pick the imperfections of our loved ones. Learn to overlook the failings of the other if love is to blossom.  

Don’t change.

Is it love that changes with time? The most beautiful stories of love are of those who have stood together like rocks in good times and bad.  

Give space.

Love can be suffocating if there’s no space. Two individuals cannot always have the same interests, likes, and dislikes.  Learn to give space for the both of you to grow and give a chance to discover each other all over again. 

Mind the tongue.

Harsh words once spoken are like the bullet that has been fired from a gun. No matter what you do, the damage it causes cannot be undone. Hence mind your tongue and resist the urge to spew venom in your bitter moments. The moments will pass but the poison will stay forever.
Conversely, not conversing can lead to a lot of misunderstandings. So keep the communication going always. 

What's your favourite love poem?   

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