Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Organise

When everything around me seemed really chaotic, I realised how unorganised I had become. Apart from the various things and relationships I should have gotten rid of and was trying to hold on to, I was also having a lot of mental baggage. That’s when I learnt this mantra- being Organised.

Being organised does not mean getting rid of everything you own or trying to become a different person. It’s about living the way you want to live, but in a better way.  The more organised your life is, the calmer you will feel. It is like getting rid of the excess baggage. What you have left will be all of your favourite things from every part of your life.

The need to get organised is not limited to the physical surrounding. When your physical surrounding is cluttered, it clutters your mind and spirit. Because clutter is not just in the home, attic, garage or office; it is also in the mind. Clutter distracts you from the amazing things you are meant to do.  Once you de-clutter your life and keep it organised, you will not only get rid of the unnecessary but will also have plenty of time for the necessary.  A lot of us hang on to things, people, relationships and events like we are afraid to let it go. But organising your life is therapeutic, it is almost meditative.  Look at everything as a part of a story.... your story. Thank the items for having been a part of your story, close that chapter and move on.

Here are some tips to get your physical surroundings organised. Ask yourself these questions when you need to organise-

Do you need and use it regularly? Or are you saving it ‘just in case’? It is replaceable easily?

If you have not used it for one year, and not likely to use it in another five years, you are never likely to use it ever again. So there is no point saving it for a future time, unless it is very expensive and not available easily.

Does it have sentimental value? If it doesn’t, what are you saving it for?

Do you have more than one? We are adept in stocking up things, and unless we really need the spare ones, it makes sense to donate it to someone who may need it.

And finally ‘When in doubt throw it out’.

It is easier to organise objects than organising your mind. The mind is more fickle. It can take you on an elaborate guilt trip on one day and give you a good battering the very next day. So, when you need to organise your mind, these tips may be handy-

Accept situations as they are. You cannot change situations; you can only change your attitude towards it.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Give yourself a little love. It’s not always your fault.

Don’t fall in to the trap of guilt and fear. We often fall into this trap and end up holding a lot of emotional baggage.

You don’t have to be in control all the time. Let go of control.

Visualise what is important to you.

Focus on things that make you feel good.

Let go of things and people who pollute your life.

Keep what is worth keeping and throw away the rest.

Organising your life and mind is not about perfection, it is about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter and improving your overall quality of life. Here’s wishing you a clutter free life!!

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