Friday, December 13, 2013

10 types of people that I hate..!

There are people.....and then there are people that you loathe. Here are 10 kinds of people I hate and make sure to avoid:

       1. The “Negative” kinds

These are the people who are so full of negative thoughts and ideas, that if you happen to talk to them about anything, they will come up with a hundred things that will not work. Forget encouraging you, they will bring you to so much despair, that you will give up before even trying!!

2.The “Bitchy” kinds- 

 These are the people who back bite.  We all bitch sometimes, but how do you stand people who have nothing but bitchy things to say about everybody? They are the “know-alls” who have a lot of interest about everyone’s life except their own. They will not shy of concocting the damnest of stories and passing it proudly to all and sundry!

      3. The “Forever Big eyed exppression ” kinds-

Excessive flattery is their forte and you will always see them dilate their pupils and give you that “wow” look for the stupidest thing you do, show or say. Some flattery is always welcome, but these are the people who will make you feel like you can do no wrong. They will help you make all the wrong choices if you get fooled by their wide eyed appreciation of everything.

       4.The “Manipulative” kind –

These people are mean and will manipulate you as it best suits them. If you are not careful, and trust them too much, be prepared for a really bad heart break and the feeling of being treated like dirt. Yes, that’s what they will do you.

5. The “Twisted” kinds-

These are the people who don’t mean what they say. They will say something and mean something else.  In fact, they expect you to be the same and will understand something else of what you speak. If you are the kind who says exactly what you mean, and expect that they will too, you are in for a rude shock. You will spend half your time clearing the misunderstandings between each other.

6The “Couldn’t care more” kinds-

These people take you for granted and how much ever you do for them, they will make it seem like  it was your duty and their birth right. While you patiently wait for them to call you, meet you or spend time you, they are always busy. But they expect you to be there for their every need. They sap your  energy and make you wonder why you take so much trouble in the first place!

       7.The “ Dominating” kinds- 

These kinds of people dominate over you and would always have it their way. They will never let you win any argument, and will ensure that you accept their point of view. For the sake of the relationship, you may let them dominate at first, but over a period of time, it can be frustrating.

8. The “Egoistic” kinds-

These people have egos the size of a football pitch, and you never know when a slight joke, a little leg pulling or a small slap on their back can hurt them so much that you have to spend all of your next week saying sorry and pacifying them!! Over a period of time you get tired of weighing every word before talking to them.

       9.The “late Latif” kinds-

These people have the faintest regard for time, if any. They make you wait endlessly and they have a solid reason every time! You get tired of waiting for them, but no sir, they have taken this pledge of being late every single time. They neither value you nor your time and they are probably those who have given “The Indian Standard Time” a bad name!

    10.   The “show off” kinds-

These kinds of people like to show off…. A new car, a new piece of jewellery, a new something every time, and you can be sure the price they quote is inflated too! They believe they are the privileged lot and they take pride in making everyone else look small in comparison.

With everything that is bad, there also exists good….the yin with the yang….. The 10 types of people whom I love…but I’ll reserve that for another day…..!


                      I'm participating in the write tribe festival of words from 8th -14th dec..
                                     This is written for the Write Tribe Prompt "People"
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