Wednesday, July 10, 2013

UBC day 10- Getting a Tattoo....

that's my tattoo...

We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last year. I wanted to do something special to commemorate our special day. That's when I thought of getting a tattoo. I scoured the net for appropriate designs and consulted friends who already had tattoos. Finally I zeroed in on a lovely red heart with a ribbon running through the center....I decided to get hubby's name inscribed on it.

As the time for my appointment neared, the palpitations grew and I wondered if everyone around me could hear my heart thump as loudly as it was!! All that fearlessness had managed to drown in a sea of self doubt. At the last minute, I changed my mind, and decided to chuck the heart and just inscribe his name on my arm like an armband. The artist showed me several styles on his computer and I finally settled for hubby's name in a Gothic font.

The tattoo artist made the imprint on a piece of sticker and as I saw how big it looked I felt that distinct thumping all over again! I wondered if it would pain too much, will I be able to sit still for that long, what if I decide to give up in between....! And while I was lost in all that thought, he asked me where I would like to put it.  I squirmed like a worm that's just been dug out of its safe hiding place in the ground by a little school boy.... "Err..I would like to look at some other designs, Bhaiya", I said hardly audible. He gave me a my-time-is-too-precious look that I can never forget. While I expected him to throw me out, he handed me some books nevertheless. I flipped through his books and tried to figure what would hurt the least!

Finally, I saw this little "S" that looked quite cute! Hubby's initials...Perfect! "Bhaiya, this one", I proudly showed him. He gave me a weird all-that-drama-for-nothing look..I didn't look at him after that! He quickly made the design and I showed him my upper arm. Surprisingly, it didn't pain as much as I had imagined!

Hubby was totally touched and I thought I saw a little tear form in his eyes....(nah..I made that up!)

That's how I got my first tattoo. I say 'first' because, I now want another one. And this time it'll be for me. A butterfly is what I want. Symbolic of my name....maybe by my birthday!

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