Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Giving.....

There’s nothing that is more satisfying than giving. The sense of having contributed to someone’s life in whatever small way is immensely gratifying. Giving need not be just monetary, it can be giving someone a shoulder to lean on in difficult times or it can be giving someone a timely help. The only thing about giving is that it should be without expectations and without ulterior motives or selfishness. Only then does it bring true happiness.

I have been lucky to be surrounded by people who reinforce this quality again and again in my day to day life. I have spoken quite a lot about my parents who have always given selflessly in my post, “The Joy of giving.” They have been as generous with complete strangers, as they would be with someone they know. Financially, emotionally, with their time, with their effort, in whatever way they can, they give. And it is no wonder that they receive so much love in return.

A very close friend, “A” is one such person. I have always known her to go out of her way to do something for anyone. If you ask for help, she will be there, nothing is a constraint, not the fact that she is doctor and has the pressure of running her clinic, nor the fact that she is a mother and has responsibilities towards her family, or the fact that the one who has asked for help has let her down badly in times of her need. Sometimes I marvel at her giving nature and wonder if people tend to take such magnanimous friends for a ride. In these times and days when people are more bothered about themselves first, people like her are a rare find.

Another friend “S” is like that too. He cannot say “no” and I have often seen people asking him for things and help they know he will not refuse. I must have warned him to stay away from such requests several times over, but it is not in his nature to refuse anyone whom he thinks he can give to. He reasons that if he can, he will.

When the receiver is conceited it takes the fun out of giving, doesn't it? That makes me wonder why people give at all. Shouldn't it be safer and wiser to just stick to our own business and let the world go to hell? Well, no, because like my mom says, if you are doing something with expectations of a return in favor it is not giving at all. We can give because God gave us enough to share, and by giving we are only thanking the Lord for his abundance. And to give up trusting everyone because a handful of people have broken that trust is not the wisest thing to do.

Have a look at this video.... I'm sure it will reduce you to tears!

Philosophical as it may sound.....it is in giving that we receive; receive love, blessings and happiness. From what we get, we make a living......But from what we give, we make a life!

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