Wednesday, April 5, 2017

D - 5 ways to deal with Dejection

We all have been dejected at some point in life – it could be over scores during the school time, over a rejected proposal as we grew older, over the inability to get through that coveted job interview, over the delayed conception…the instances are too many! But what’s life without these downs? These are the phases that give you the chance to spring right back! Easier said, I know, because if one happens to be going through that phase right now, the well seems too deep to be able to jump out.

Well, don't lose hope yet! Here are five ways in which you can help yourself cope with dejection.

It’s not the end of the world!
It’s very important to keep telling yourself this, till you convince yourself. No event is so hopeless in itself that it should signal the end of the world for you. There are ways to come out of every bad situation, help is always available, you have to just look for it.  It is difficult to believe this when you are down and out, but when you look back at this incident a few years from now, you’ll realise how true that is.

Don’t bottle up.
When in dejection, share the pain. Find someone you trust, a family member, a friend, a professional helper, and share what you feel. When you share, the other person might help you look at things from a different perspective. They might give ideas to do things better. They might suggest ways where you thought there were none.

Move on.
What’s happened has happened. You cannot change it. Don’t keep replaying the events. Work towards what you can do, rather than what you should have done. Don’t wallow in self-pity and don’t be consumed by guilt. Think of the lessons you learnt from it.

Stay occupied.
An idle mind, is a devil’s workshop’. Don’t let your mind become one. Your mind needs a distraction. Give it something else to stay occupied with. Spend time with your friends, go shopping, travel, join the gym, take up a hobby, or learn something new. It will give your mind a break and let you spring back rejuvenated.

Seek professional help.
I don’t only mean a psychologist. Yes, if you are having trouble coping, seek the help of a counsellor. But also seek the help of professionals who can help you win. A tutor, a specialist, a skill-developer, a personality developer or whatever you are having trouble with. Just being dejected is not going to help, is it? You have to work towards taking yourself forward.

No one can help you better than you can. So, get up, gear up, and get going! Don’t let the small hurdles stop you.  

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