Saturday, September 21, 2013

An unexpected visitor and a lot of crap!!

 Yeah, that was what yesterday morning brought for me.

I was at the gym, sweating it out, when a phone call interrupted my session. A relative, I had not met in a long time was waiting at my door. Finding no response after ringing the door bell several times( ringing the bell a couple of times should have told her I'm not at if I would be at home and not answer the door...!) she called on my mobile. Asking her to wait, I cut short my workout and headed back home, wondering who visits people so early in the morning (well, it was not that early, but 10 am is still early , no?!)

A warm hug greeted me before I could even open the door, making me feel all sticky and arrggg...dripping as I was, in my own sweat.

"Jogging?" she asked.

"I was at the gym," I told her.

"What's wrong with you, fancy going to the gym at your age!" she exclaimed, eyes wide with surprise.

Wow! I felt like a 100 year old already! At my age? What's exercising got to do with my age? And by the way, I'm not a day older than 18!  (that's what I like to think anyways....) It was the first time when someone had actually made a mention of my age and I was definitely not liking it!

"Sorry?" I asked, as if I had not actually understood what she said.

"You are a mother of two, married for 11 years now, right? Whom are you trying to impress now?" she mocked. "Don't tell me you are aspiring to be a model." She let out a small laugh. Enough to make my blood boil.

What sort of crap was this? I thought. "I'm only trying to stay fit, aunty." I said, trying to remain calm.

She was still laughing. I wondered what she was finding so funny about me going to the gym.Before she could say something else, I excused myself to freshen up.

A cold bath had calmed me up and I sat across her inquiring about other things besides the purpose of her visit. I saw her repeatedly shooting glances at my arm and then came the next all important question.

"What's that on your arm?" she said, turning it towards her to have a closer look.

"A tattoo" I replied with a straight face, now knowing what would come next.

"A tattoo?" her eyes so wide with disbelief, that for a moment I thought, that they would just roll out of their socket. "Which sensible woman with two kids and married for 11 years gets a tattoo on her arm?"

"Me." I replied smiling.

She shook her head in disapproval. "You must learn to act your age... (Oh no not again!) A proper 'gruhini' (read housewife) doesn't do all this.(Really?) You must also wear a saree, you are not a college going student any more." she said, looking at my lovely flower printed long skirt (wait a minute, was she secretly admiring it?)

Ah! some people, I tell you!

Linking back to Suzy's prompt on write tribe.. here are the details...Free Tribe.

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