Monday, March 24, 2014

April A-Z challenge

It's been quite a while since I have blogged regularly. This absence from writing, however, did not mean absence from the deluge of thoughts that has been washing over my mind space. This period has been a time of contemplation over many issues, battling the many demons in my head and getting over and letting go what should rightly be got over and let go.

This was the time when I thought about what I am actually holding close to my heart and whether those things were really as important as they seemed to be. Some were and some really weren't....and that was what set me on a path of discovery as to what should actually be important to me.

Call it coincidence then, that I stumbled upon Shilpa's blog, calling us blogger's to participate in the April A-Z challenge.

This path of self discovery is what I am all set to share in this month long A-Z challenge. If you wish to participate you can also register here and fill up a simple form to get started!

Hoping to see you in April!!
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