Sunday, February 12, 2012

The sunset..

An idyllic evening.

A picturesque boathouse.

Calming backwaters.

As the boathouse gently wades through the waters making a slurring sound it has a calming effect on my mind.

Seems more like a paradox, a troubled mind and the calming waters.

The boathouse itself giving the feeling of being encapsuled in a cocoon, hidden from view yet with an open window to the world outside. The waters slowly hit the cocoon in orchestrated motion, as if trying to beckon the worm inside to venture out.

Water hyacinth scattered everywhere.

Clogging the water, making survival for other life forms difficult. Neither fish nor other plants,none can really win the battle with the weed.

Beautiful purple flowers on the exterior, could deceive anyone. Appearances are deceitful, I thought, or are they? I thought of the weed that clogged my mind. The thoughts that had made survival of other nobler thoughts difficult.

Contemplation was leading me nowhere, so I dropped the idea and decided to concentrate on the serenity outside.

The boatman decided to dock, he had no permission to row beyond sunset.

Ahh! sunset, it first caught my eye only after the boatman had made a mention of it.

I alighted from the boat and walked to end of the groove nearby. And then I saw it. The huge ball of flame. Just as it was about to drown itself into the serene waters below.

A vibrant orange colour, the igniter of passion, signifying zest for life, enthusiasm, unending energy, fun, informality, friendship, open-mindedness. It drew my attention to being liberal and unconventional. And all that I thought it to be was going down. It slowly began its descent downwards, till I saw the last of it.

The orange sky with its jewel was all but gone, and was now growing pink and purple. Ominous as it seemed, it reflected the colour of the flowers of the water hyacinth I had seen all around.

But there was something ethereal about what I was seeing. It was beautiful to the level of intoxication. It almost took my breath away. It seemed to say, that beauty and nobility will remain even after everything has faded into nothingness.

I sat on the moist grass below and cogitated on the events that had unfolded that day. The reason why God had chosen for me to be here rather than anywhere else. On this boathouse, wading through the backwaters, among mats of water hyacinth and finally bringing it to a climax, the pristine sunset with all its after glow.

I suddenly felt light as if I had drowned all the complexities into those very waters. Light dawned on me before it could on the dark horizon. And I walked back to the boathouse with a proverbial 'spring in my step and song in my heart'.

It was yet another new morning and the sky was blue again.
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