Saturday, August 30, 2014

Life is a B......baffling beauty!

It is amazing how life gives you those upswings and downswings in equal measures!! She will never let you get too happy or too sad, too leisurely or too busy, too excited or too depressed! She knows just when to pull the strings and show you who's in control!

Just when I thought how hunky dory life was, giving me enough time to lazy around, marveling how I was able to lounge around with a new book every two days, turning every nook of my house into a cozy little haven, thankful for kids who were minding their own business, for family and friends who were pouring in their love every waking hour, and showering my self with love too, doing things that made me happy, gymming, reading, writing, cooking, and so on and so forth.... suddenly she decides to put a brake to all that! And suddenly I find myself thrown into a cauldron of bubbling emotions!!

It is like the clock turned faster, the minutes went by without waiting for the seconds to complete their time, just as the hours went by without letting the minutes tick through theirs. There's suddenly more writing assignments, more wedding orders to be completed, the schools decide to dump in projects at the same time, the body decides to go on a strike, with the migraines and apneas competing amongst themselves as to who could make me sicker, and all the festivals deciding to gang up in one power packed month. In short, there's no time to breath!!

From being in a space where I was reading two books in a week, I found it difficult to find time to play a tag game and name 10 of my favorite books! From riding on a bullock cart I was suddenly riding on the Maglev!

But that's how she is , isn't she? She never lets you think like you are in control. Clever little lady!

There have been times when I have been so excited about something, that I could barely breathe (yep, that sounded cliched!) and before that excitement could kill me, she drew the curtains and put me in a totally depressed state! There have been times when I have been so sad that I almost thought I wouldn't last the night, but no, I did. And then, I received a sudden rush of happiness that made me more alive than I ever would be!

I guess, unless these cascades happen like precision clockwork, we wouldn't know one from the other! I guess that rest I had in the last month gave me the energy to pull through this month. I guess, that's how the highs and lows pair off together. And that's why I know, when I get too tired to chug along, I'll be allowed to disembark from the Maglev and ride my bullock cart again.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Important things you should say to your child..

Children look up to their parents for support, for validation, and for encouragement. They look up to their parents to emulate them, to teach them right from wrong and to hold their hands when they falter. So the onus on us to be all that to them is even more than we would like think! It’s an oft repeated statement that we should be careful of what we speak to our kids and what we speak when they are around. It is equally important what we say to them through our gestures and words. Kids are like those highly absorbent sponges, soaking in everything they see us do or hear us say.

Here are seven important things you must say to your kid-
I love you – I say this to my kids every single day, as they leave for school, as they retire to bed and anytime in between. My kids light up every time I say it, and they tell me that they love me too. It’s an obvious thing, but it needs to be said. Hugs and kisses are other forms of showing your love. All these verbal and physical forms of love makes kids feel secure and cared for.
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Sunday, August 3, 2014

An apology

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 "Don't you think you must apologize to me?" That sounded more like a demand than a request.

Trust Mr-know-all to flaunt his arrogance like that! she thought. So typical of him! Why did always think he could do no wrong? He always assumed she was the weaker one and his sole purpose in life was to guide her! 

"And why would I do that?" she asked.

"For all the hurt I have endured because of you."

"That is not true!"she exclaimed. "Are you accusing me of causing you hurt? Me????"

"I am...! I think before I act. That is how I shield myself from getting hurt. I don't act impulsively like you."

"One doesn't 'think' when one is in love." she looked hurt.

"That is the more irrational thing I've ever heard! When you don't think, here is where you land." 

His sarcasm was getting to her.

"Ha! What would you know about love anyway, you practical fool!"

"What would I know??! Let me tell you what I know, being in love is like living in a fool's paradise. Would you dare to disagree?"

"But it is still paradise." The tinge of sadness was evident in her voice. 

"So why are tears flooding your eyes then? Being in heaven shouldn't hurt like hell."

"It hurts when the person who made you feel so special suddenly leaves you hanging. It's crazy when the person who swore that he'll never hurt you, is the one who hurts you the most."  

"You messed up your feelings and you messed up mine. I was treading with caution but you made me toe your line. You convinced me you were right. But now I know you weren't! I would have done well to have let my thoughts rule me than having your emotions butt in!"

"Okayyy....if it is an apology you want, you shall have it. I'm sorry for hoping you'd know what I want." she had had enough of his rebuttal, of telling her how wrong she was. She knew she wasn't, but she didn't want to keep arguing with him. He'd never understand anyway! 

They had always been poles apart. He, the rational mind and she, the nimble heart. 


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