Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pain enough?

He tortured her, beat her black and blue
They called it abuse; she had wounds to prove,
She was the victim, he’d have to redeem,
The crime he committed by destroying her dream
Swollen and bruised, limb and pride
Scars don’t lie, though the tears have dried.


She tortured him, took his peace away,
For the inflicted agony, she’d have to pay.
Mutilating his cocoon, stripped him bare
The spite, the venom, she spewed, all there
They’ve heard her peel his guts away,
Words don’t lie, they don't, do they?

 Alone she sits, staring into vacuum,
Wishing he’d notice, wishing he’d come
There are no words that inflict pain,
None tumble out, but then again,
It engulfs her, ties her in knots,
It’s the silence that unplugs the clot. 

There’s no wound, except those on the heart
Invisible to the eye, it rips her apart,
The stab of loneliness that he inflicts,
Bleeds her to death and yet she lives
There’s no proof, she’s been driven insane,
It isn’t pain enough, what’s to complain?

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