Monday, March 5, 2012

Report card of life

There are “people who care” and then there are “people”. Just people. Whom we try so hard to please. As if our life depends on it. Taking for granted the other set that cares for us. Unconditionally. Irrespective of how we trample upon their feelings. Because we are too busy caring about people who don’t give a dime about you. That couldn’t be love. Just pretence. And you forget to give love back to those who gave you loads of it.

When life gives us our report card, I wonder what she will put on it.

People whom you hurt

People whom you judged

People whom you cheated

People for  whom you nurtured hate

People you took for granted

People to whom you were unjust

People whom you loved

People whom you helped

People whom you forgave

People to whom you gave without expectations

Will I be able to secure a pass or will I get an “F” ?
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