Monday, March 21, 2016

Theme Reveal for the A to Z April 2016 challenge.

So... that time of the year is here again! The April A to Z challenge! 

This is my third challenge and I'm pretty excited about doing it this year too! But you know, the thing with being excited is that it becomes tough to zero in on a theme, because you are going round and round with the various themes floating about in your head! I wrote about "Being Positive" during my first challenge and my theme last year was 'Love in its myriad hues' where I took leaves out of mythology to weave my stories. Pretty satisfying that was! 

I wanted to do a mythology theme this year too, but then something caught my attention. 
There are so many things about my country that are so fascinating and that I knew so little about. There was this urge to explore more and dig out things that are amazing about India and yet not much is known about them. What better platform to showcase my country than during this all global challenge!

So...that is my theme for this year - "Believe It or Not- That's Incredibly India. I'm not sure I have posts for all the alphabets, but I wasn't sure about it the last year and the year before that too, but I did manage to get stories for all the alphabets and it worked out in some strange way; I am sure that'll happen this year too! 

By the way, have you signed up for the April A to Z challenge yet? If you haven't, then here's where you can sign up for it. Trust me, this will be a great month of endless reading, writing and getting together! 

See you there, then! 

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