Monday, January 27, 2014

Password incorrect!!

Kids are so gadget savvy now a days! That's exactly the reason why my mobile and desktop are password protected.

 My little one is all of 4, but the mobile sits snugly in his tiny palms like it was tailor made just for it! He knows exactly what icons he must touch to go to the sub menu and then to "Talking tom" or "angry birds"! I watch in awe as he switches on the computer, and then the CPU, and then his little fingers click away on the keyboard and he finds his way through the "D drive" on "My computers", sifting through the folders, locating the folder marked "games", and then finding his favorite car race game-NFS ! It will be imperative to tell you here that he has just started learning his alphabets and cannot even distinguish between b and d, p and q and looks at me for help each time! So it beats me how he navigates through the entire path to reach his destination without being able to read a word!

Hoping he doesn't delete some data by mistake, I typed in a password on my desktop . The little one sat next to me and I was sure he was not that smart to guess the password, leave alone read what I had typed. For a few days all was well and I smiled at having tricked the little monster. Did I mention "few days"? Yeah, because that's how long the trick lasted! Just by observing my fingers as they moved over the keyboard,he managed to crack the password! And very consistently he did it every time I put a new password! Well I'm just glad he doesn't know how to change the password yet!

He must have taken the password thing too seriously and how seriously he showed me at dinner. As I picked up a morsel from his plate and tried to feed him, he put his tiny palm over his mouth. 

"What's the password?" He asked.

"What?" I looked at him blankly.

"Password mamma? Put the password or this gate will not open."

Dear god! Really? Ok, I scratched my head thinking what does he know? Perhaps the alphabets?  "Let me guess....ooook," I said as if I was trying too hard,"abcde? Right? Now open your mouth"

"Wrong password, try again" he said without blinking any eyelid!

What? Did he just say wrong password? How in the world was I supposed to know what he had in that little mind?

He wasn't about to let me give up, so I tried a few more times. "All wrong" he said!

"I give up, you tell me" I coaxed him.

He gave me some crazy random letters and once I did an imaginary punching of keys he let me feed him. Ah! So much drama! The "game" went on till the last morsel was fed and to say I was fed up too wouldn't be an exaggeration!

So much for passwords and so much for privacy!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Down in the dumps

For the whole of the last 15 days health issues have been plaguing me and my family . It seemed like it was an unending roller coaster of problems and I would never get out of it! It made me think that there could not have been a worse start to the new year! 

My sister even teased,"Are you planning to finish you entire quota of health issues in January itself?" Didn't seem like a bad idea though! How convenient, isn't that? I thought! 

A couple of friends suggested seeing a "good astrologer", maybe he could tell me what inter-planetary issues were creating this havoc!


My rational mind wouldn't traverse that path. Having never entrusted myself to a person who could read my "fate", now to expect him to cure me with hocus-pocus,was unthinkable!

It is in times like these that I turn to mom. I pitied myself even as I sobbed telling her how I was going through a tough time nursing a broken ankle and managing kids who seemed to have one sickness after another. She listened to me till I finished my sob story and then asked me to watch 2 programs on TV. ."I'll call you at night" she promised.

That's all mom had to say to me ? I wondered. 

Anyway, just to know what the hype was about I switched on the TV. The first was a couples dance show where one participant couple stood out. The male partner had no legs and yet he danced like it was the easiest thing to do. His wife supporting him throughout the performance, they danced like both were unaware that he did not have both legs! 

To say I was moved, will be an under statement. 

That over, I flipped to the next program my mom wanted me to see. A talent hunt was on and shortly a beautiful lady came up on stage. She walked with the help of crutches and I saw that she stood on one leg. But what she did next blew me away! She handed over her support and danced on one foot for a full three minutes! 

I clapped as if I was seated in the audience. 

Then mom called. "So,how are you feeling now?"

 I wanted to say I am ashamed of myself for letting such a minor injury dampen my spirits

Instead I said, "Good. Better than I was in the morning.

 "Be happy that it was a simple injury that will heal with time," she said.  "And thank god for the number of helpers he sent you. As for kids, remember that kids and illnesses go hand in hand. It may have all happened together so it caused you so much stress. But it also showed you how strong you are,didn't it? No one except your own will power can help you. So learn to keep your faith in god and god alone.This time will also pass." Every word she was true!

She was so right! I cannot even count the number of people who came forward to take care of me. 

Thank god for all his favors. Thank god for mom! 

Yeah, this time will also pass!
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