Thursday, April 6, 2017

E - 5 downsides to being an Extrovert!

Extroverts come across as that breed of people who look extremely confident, easily become the life of any party, have a large number of friends, and are in general quite likable and fun to be with. But being a social butterfly, risk taker and one who is constantly bubbling with excitement comes with its own downsides! How do I know? Well, how else would I know unless I’m one of these kinds!

Here are 5 downsides to being an Extrovert-

Foot-in-the-mouth syndrome.
Extroverts think later, they act and speak first. As a result of that, they are quite prone to suffer from the F-I-T-M syndrome! There could be a lot of oops moments later, but by virtue of who they are, they also know how to overcome that!

Can be intimidating or annoying.
By their inherent loudness and the tendency to be exceptionally bold and brash, they can come across as intimidating to some and as annoying to others. What an extrovert perceives as fun might cause hurt or irritation to others.

I had joined a new organisation and during the introductions, a colleague asked me, ‘What’s your mothers tongue?’ I understood what he meant to ask me but the grammar freak and extrovert in me decided to go tongue-in-cheek and I answered, ‘pink’. The whole team burst out laughing, but the colleague was clearly not amused!  

Perceived as attention seekers.
Extroverts tend to hog the limelight all the time. They are here, there, everywhere! People, therefore, tend to perceive them as attention seekers. People are also, therefore wary of extroverts.

Lasting relationships are difficult
As a result of the above, extroverts make few lasting relationships. They undoubtedly make tons of friends, but there might be only a few close friendships. It might not take them much time to form a relationship but such a short time is not enough to make it last. It could be a case of ‘too much too soon.’

Get bored easily.
Extrovert need adrenaline rushes to keep them pumping. You lock them in an empty room or leave them in a place where you are expected to just sit or maintain silence, they can freak out. Boredom comes very easily to them if they aren’t occupied with something.

Being an extrovert is ‘Not’ a bad thing. It’s a great gift! But unless you learn where to draw the line, the extroversion could backfire.

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Do you agree with the above points?

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