Friday, July 31, 2015

Run...when you see these kinds!!

There are some people who make life worthwhile and then...there are some who make you want to run miles – away from them….! They can be your family, friends, colleagues, or people you just know. But they can be a pain in all the wrong places, and make you wonder why you bothered with them in the first place! Here are 5 types of people, whom if you happen to spot- Run…just run and don’t turn back….later don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you!

1.The agree-me-nots- 

These are the people who will never agree with what you say. Anything you opine will elicit an equal and opposite opinion from them. They love to contradict, and whether they actually agree with you in their hearts, at least sometimes, you will never know. It is like a game to them. They will differ on every subject you breach, and it will make you wonder if they just do it to put you off! From the mundane to the exquisite, they will have an opinion on everything and will do their best to make you feel like you know nothing! These people consider themselves to be God’s greatest gift to mankind, and presumably have very high opinions of themselves. 

2.The Photo Negatives

I call them the photo negatives because their colours, like those in a negative, are inverted. These people will find a problem in every solution. You just cannot convince them, they have a counter argument to every argument and a negative view to every positive one, and prefer to see the world as black. You cannot even offer them a glass of water, without them telling you, how water makes them feel bloated. Every advise or solution you give will be met with, Oh no, I cannot do that because.." They will give you the impression that the world is out to get them and will suffocate you with reasons why they are in such deep shit.

3.The Sugar Coated Pills- 

They will kill you with their smiles and later with their statements. While you have been fooled into thinking that they have your best interests in mind, they will quickly take out their sharp and pointed daggers and lunge it into your heart. You must remain alert at all times, because you never know when they will turn an entire conversation against you. You will have to learn to look beyond their deceptive smiles and their double meaning words and double edged swords. 

4.The leaking taps- 

Nothing stays in their leaking mouths. Every word you utter will be passed on with salt and spices to the next living thing they meet. You will soon find casual utterances turning explosive, or find yourself being misquoted every now and then. They love to bite behind your back, and you will have to learn to keep your mouth shut at all times when they are around, if you don’t want to get into trouble.

5.The Poor Souls-

These are the people who think God always hands them a raw deal. They will make you stall all your work, and give them a patient hearing, and ask for your opinions. Once they have your sympathy and your ear, they will hound you at all times with their problems, without boundaries on time and people and even get upset if you don’t make space for them in your life. They will accuse you of being "like all other people". They pity themselves so much that they make themselves seem like the most unfortunate people in the Universe.

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