Wednesday, April 12, 2017

J - 5 Joys to cherish before they perish

Joys don’t last forever. Like sorrows, they come with the expiry date stamped on them. They are like the rainbow, you must wait for them but make sure to enjoy them before they fade away! Here are 5 joys which you must cherish before they perish.

The joy of cuddling up with your child-
Children grow up all too soon. Before you know it, they are as tall as you! You cannot baby talk them anymore, can’t kiss and hug them in public and can’t make them sit on your lap or sing a lullaby! Well, technically you can, but your child will hate you if you do! So, cherish the joy of spending time with your little one before they grow out of your lap. Quality time is what you should be looking at. Watching TV together does not qualify, neither do attending family functions! Aim at playing with them, taking a stroll in the park, reading out to them, listening to their chats and such activities. Trust me, the will cherish these little joys all their life! 

The joy of curling up on your parents lap.
As sad as it makes me writing this, our parents probably aren’t going to be around as much as we wish they would. As we get busier with our careers and lives, we tend to forget the hands that nurtured us. Just living in the same house with them or visiting them as and when we can, is not going to be enough. As with the kids, spending quality time with the parents is important too. Sit with them, listen to them talk, take them out and ensure that their twilight years are happy and comfortable.

The joy of having fun with your friends.
Again, as we grow in our careers, friends take a back seat. But friends are perhaps the only people who keep us grounded, humoured, sanitised and crazy, not to forget youthful! No matter how old you get, being with friends will take you back to your youth. These are people who have been a part of your growing up years and been by your side in your times of struggle - no one will understand you better than they do. Keep them close always.

The joy going crazy with your partner.
Our partners are probably the most under-valued people in our lives. As years roll by, we start taking them for granted, and their presence becomes like the ubiquitous salt. Salt is an inseparable part of a dish, but no one acknowledges its presence. We only realise it’s absence when we forget to add salt someday. Like salt, don’t relegate your partner’s presence to the background. The joy that the partner can bring into our lives cannot be substituted. The children grow up and go away, parents pass on but the partner keeps you strong and going at all times. Whatever your schedule, don’t let distances or priorities keep you away - physically, yes, sometimes because it is inevitable; but mentally, never.

The Joy of loving yourself.
This is perhaps the last on our list of priorities or maybe, it isn’t even there. But being in love with ourselves is as important as showering our love on others. A joyous inside reflects on the outside too. Show yourself some love, pamper yourself with some attention, and do things that you enjoy. Bask in the joy of loving yourself.

What would you add to this list?
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