Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Heart Break...

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He sprang out of bed with the first beep of the alarm. Excitement flush on his face, like that of a new bride on her wedding day, he scurried about his chores. He gelled and parted his hair and combed it neatly, putting a stray strand of hair into place. Donning his favourite shirt and a spray of perfume on it, he was raring to go. She would be waiting and he couldn’t afford to make her wait.

He mounted his bike as if it were a horse and as he rode he felt the cool breeze kiss his face. He wished she would one day kiss him like that! He felt his heart race as he got down from his bike and walked towards the office. She looked down at him from the glass window on the first floor and he thought he saw her smiling. He smiled back at her.

He was early as usual and except the cleaning lady there was no one around. He would have ample time to spend with her before the other staff came in. He hopped up the steps, two at a time and walked up behind her. She was still looking out of the window with her back to him.
‘Hi sweetie, good morning’ he whispered into her ear, turning her around to face him.
She seemed to be smiling at him, like always. She was wearing a blue satin sleeveless full length gown that made her look so alluring!

‘See what I have brought for you today,’ he said as he opened a cardboard box and showed her a pink chiffon saree. ‘This is my favorite colour, sweetie, and look at the silver lace on the border; you’ll look more beautiful than ever when you wear this’ he winked. He unfolded the saree and laid it out on the table for her to see.

 ‘Why won’t you say anything, don’t you like it?’ he asked, and then he saw her shy smile and knew she had liked it as much as he did. So what if she couldn't speak, didn't he always understand the language of her eyes? ‘Let me help you wear it,’ he said. He drew the curtains on the window and switched on the lights. Then he slid the blue satin dress off her shoulders, his eyes tightly shut, ‘ I'm not looking, sweetie, at least not till you tell me to’ he smiled naughtily.

 He knew she did not know how to wrap a saree around herself so he’d have to do that himself too. She watched in awe letting him expertly wrap the beautiful pink saree around her slender waist. When he was done, he looked at her, mighty pleased with himself. She looked like a dream!

He pulled open the curtains and stood there for some time, holding her hand, watching the world walk by on the streets below. Suddenly there was a lot of commotion and people were running helter-skelter on the roads.

‘Wait right here, I’ll just go check what’s happening’ he told her. But no sooner had he said that, he felt the ground beneath his legs shake and rumble. And before he realized what was going on, he saw the glass window crack and break into a thousand pieces. To his utter horror and shock, he saw her fall out of the window several feet down to the ground even before he could hold onto her. Like a madman, he flew down the fight of steps, out of the office building and into the street below.

She lay among the shards of glass her neck apparently broken by the fall. He gathered her in his arms weeping like a child oblivious to the crowd gathered in the street, oblivious to the quake that still continued to shake the earth, oblivious to everything around him but her. She had been the only one who had loved him unconditionally, unmindful of the warts on his face, unmindful of his crooked teeth and unmindful of his bulbous nose.

Even as he wept, he saw his colleagues standing around him exchanging animated glances, trying to suppress their smile. Teary eyed, he picked up a stone and threw it at the office signboard that read ‘NAVRATNA SAREES’. He couldn't bear to work here any more  With her not around, it didn't make sense to come back to this place.  He picked up another stone aiming at his colleagues, but let that drop as they ran away from him.

She may have just been a mannequin to others, but to him she had been the love of his life.  And like those broken pieces of glass, his heart too had broken into a thousand pieces.


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