Monday, April 13, 2015

K for Kidnap

Kidnap? How can that be a manifestation of love? Did I digress from my theme? Well no, in the tale that I talk of today, the protagonist kidnaps his lady love and at her insistence! So there, when in love, there is no right or wrong!


Swathed in golden light, as if the last rays of sun fell in yearning just on him, draped in an electric yellow flowing Pitamabara robe, the Srivatsa twirled on his bare chest, and a peacock feather adorning his crown, he sat majestically on his jeweled aasana. His face, the colour of a full blown blue lotus, his magnificent eyes the shape of a delicate lotus bud, wearing white lotus earrings, and a pink lotus garland that touched his knees, the king of Dwarka smiled. His aura was mesmerizing and as Krishna smiled, the flowers bloomed, and the koels sang their sweetest song.

“Kaanha, why the smile?” asked Balarama, Krishna’s elder brother.

“Dau, Rukhmini has sent me a message,” he said, handing over the scroll to his brother.

“My beloved Shrikaantha, my brother Rukhmi, is about to marry me off to Shisupala. So come and take me away, for, if I cannot marry you, I will kill myself in this birth and for a hundred more, until you are mine.”  

The incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, Rukhmini was waiting to be married to her beloved Vishnu in this birth too. Her brother Rukhmi, however had other plans.

“Dau, I had approached Rukhmi asking for his sister’s hand in marriage, but he has promised her to Shisupala.”

Balarama smiled. “Go Kaanha, go and bring Dwarka’s rightful queen. You have my blessings.”

“Dau, kidnapping and eloping thus would be termed as a rakshasa vivaha,” worried Krishna.

“No Kaanha, not if the girl herself wishes to elope and has herself requested to be kidnapped,” assured Balarama.

The streets of Vidharbha had been decorated for the wedding. The whole kingdom had been decorated with lights and flowers, and the palace itself had been abuzz with festivities, befitting the wedding of a princess.

Within the palace, in her royal chamber, Rukhmini glowed with happiness. She knew her Krishna, her Madana Mohana, would be here to take her away. She readied herself for her wedding, not with Shisupala but her Lord, who she knew would not disappoint her. She anointed her body with rare sandalwood oils, and wore precious jewels around her delicate neck. The rubies and emeralds glowed on her fingers, set in exquisite golden rings. She draped herself in her finest silks and looked every inch the bride, befitting the Lord of Dwaraka.

Her long eyelashes curled around her almond shaped, kohl lined eyes trying to conceal her excitement, even as her lotus pink lips quivered in anticipation of her Blue God.

It was time for the Gouri Puja before the wedding, and her maids walked with her, showering fragrant flowers at her feet. She bowed before the idol of Maa Gouri at the temple and sought the Devi’s blessings, offering rice, bangles, kumkum and turmeric, praying to be united with her beloved. The people who were gathered there stood bewitched by her beauty. “She is only fit for Krishna” they whispered amongst themselves.

She stepped out of the temple, her heart pounding wildly, eyes looking out for the one who had stolen her heart. Suddenly, a golden chariot appeared out of nowhere. 

Her Krishna had arrived! 

She smiled at him and as Krishna pulled her inside, the chariot disappearing as quickly as it had appeared, leaving behind a thunder of horses’ hooves and a kingdom full of spellbound people. Krishna had managed to whisk away his lady love from right under the noses of her brother and the prospective groom!

It took a kidnap and an elopement to unite Lord Vishnu and his consort, Goddess Lakshmi in their birth as Krishna and Rukhmini.

Srivatsa- an auspicious symbol meaning beloved of Sri or Lakshmi
Shrikaantha- One of the many names of Lord Krishna, meaning Husband of Goddess Lakshmi.
Madana Mohana- God of love who mesmerizes everyone

Rakshasa vivaha- demonic wedding

This day...last year...K for Karma
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