Friday, May 25, 2012

Letting go!

It is that time of my life when I am learning yet another lesson in letting go. I wonder how my little one has grown up so soon! It feels just like yesterday when he had taken his first baby steps. He had faltered and fallen and stood up with determination again. I had beamed with pride and fussed over him at his effort! He had treated me to umpteen such moments, and had given me ample opportunity to marvel at his little efforts; smiling, rolling over, crawling, walking, teething, blabbering, incoherent baby talk and many more. All the while he had been hinting how he was quietly growing up, but none of these prepared me for his next major step. Going To School!

From the day we completed his admission formalities (which was 6 months in ago, yes, 6 months! Haven’t admission procedures become ridiculous? ) I have been fretting and complaining that his age is not quite right, he is too young to go to school and maybe we should have waited one year more. But the school authorities and hubby dearest had managed to convince me how the kid’s age was ideal and how he would be too old for Pre-KG next year.

Since then I have been religiously coaching my son about every aspect of school, the fun he will have there, the friends he will make, the things he will learn, the new things we will buy for him and so on and so forth! My little one has never left me for a minute and I was very worried whether he would leave me and go to school. Hubby dearest has looked on with amusement at my non- stop chatter about his schooling and has more than once remarked that he wondered if I was preparing the child or myself for the separation! Maybe he was partly or even wholly right! I was perhaps preparing myself for the separation. Because as much as it was true that he had never left me for a minute, it was true the other way round too.

As we went through every step of the preparation, buying of new uniforms, shoes, bag, books, etc, my heart grew restless with worrying continually over him. And as for the man of the hour, my little hero, he would nod his head and say “No!” when anyone asked him if he would go to school. Fears multiplied manifold, I could not sleep the whole week before school opened for pre-KG!

My dad recounted how defiant I had been going to school initially, actually for 5 whole months and had kicked the life out of the ayah with my shiny black shoes, when my dad passed me on to her at the school gates! Brace yourself, he warned me.

The D-day finally arrived and I thought my little one looked rather cute in his new school uniform and shoes. He was all smiles posing for the camera and we tried to capture his first steps in school. But the minute we handed him over to his teacher he was screaming his lungs out trying to break free. My heart went out to the little child, who was stretching his little arms out and calling out to me. I could have cried myself, had hubby dearest not taken me away from the place. We were told to collect him back in an hour’s time and to me that hour seemed like eternity!

I had been continually worrying how he would be faring and hubby dearest got sick of my incessant chatter.

‘For God’s sake, calm down, your child is not the first one to go to school and we have not left him in the jungle with a bunch of lions, so stop worrying, he will be fine’, he said, his voice soaked in sarcasm.

But a mother’s heart does not understand that, does it? And it continues to worry, about the well-being of her child, knowing at all times, that she cannot hold her child with herself forever. Neither in her womb nor at home. He will eventually break free from her. And she will have to let go.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

My master's voice...

“Tea?” I croaked.
Hubby dearest looked at me like I had just landed from Mars and he was hearing an alien speak.
“See, that’s what happens when you don’t know when to stop.”
He was obviously taking a pot shot at last night’s ‘mehfil-e-khas’ at a friend’s house. We had gathered at Anil’s house for a weekend night out and Anil brought out his brand new karaoke system and plugged it all together. After we had all oooh’d , and aaah’d at the piece, we got together for the mike testing and singing. Friends took turns singing and the mike finally landed in my hands. I flipped through the list of songs as if I was a pro.
 It will be imperative here, to tell you that singing is my passion, but unfortunately my vocal cords went on strike when I was born and never returned. All they left behind was their poor cousin who at best makes me sound like I’ve swallowed a frog! Nevertheless, I saw a long listing of Kishore Kumar’s songs and they brought an instant rapture, a feeling I cannot describe! I picked up the mike and cleared my voice, all set to give the Indian idols a run for their money. The lyrics ran amok on the TV screen and I broke into a full throttled performance as if it was my last day on earth! The song ended and I was so mighty pleased with myself that I couldn’t bring myself to part with the mike.
‘Can I sing just one more song’, I pleaded.
‘Of course go ahead’, they chorused.
They must have probably kicked themselves right after they said those four beautiful words! Because, right away I got to demonstrating my non- existent singing skills, belting out one number after another!
I must confess I am a self-proclaimed, obsessive fan of Kishore da. I have listened to his songs umpteen times .I listen to him every waking hour, irrespective of whether I am cooking, cleaning, eating, reading, blah blah. I sing along, not just the lyrics but the music too! From the first note to the much that with the first note of music I know which song it is! When I hear the master sing, my mind just wafts to him like the smoke from an incense stick. And stays there. His voice makes me go weak in my knees. That is the effect his music holds over me. Mesmerizing and enchanting! He transports me to different world where there is just me and his voice (and in the background swaying trees and gentle breeze, fragrant flowers and gurgling streams, chirping birds and dancing butterflies!) Yes, magical is the word!

So how could I just let go of the opportunuity to sing his songs here? 

As for the others, they had given up all hopes of karaoke-ing and had resigned themselves to hear me croak.
I went on and on till I could go on no more. It was almost three in the morning and I was sounding like I had swallowed a hundred frogs! But I must confess, I had thoroughly enjoyed myself! My poor friends looked like the pale, flat green leaves which serve as landing pads for frogs and hubby dearest looked plain embarrassed!
“Let’s go home and get a power nap”, said hubby dearest with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.
 “….Di’ I  o’ ova’bod’?”  
“Well you did go overboard, but this wasn’t the first time,eh? Remember the last time at the office party?”
 I smiled sheepishly. Of course I did remember. I had sung ‘Pal pal dil ke paas’ and the team broke into a thunderous applause after I finished the first stanza. Motivated, I sang the entire song! There were claps at the end of each stanza and I wondered why the claps died down by the time I finished. Hubby dearest told me later that the first applause itself was meant for me to stop.....! stop singing!
“ ‘e mays ‘e ‘o ow o’ co’to’ ”  I tried reasoning, meaning ‘he makes me go out of control’, the “he”  referring to Kishore da.
“Poor guy must be turning in his grave!” he smirked, “May he rest in peace.”                                             

Friday, May 11, 2012

It's raining!!

It seems to be raining awards. Just when I was getting over the euphoria from Rohu's Versatile blogger award, it has happened again. I would be lying if I said I was not thrilled. I was very thrilled and it actually brought a big smile to my face again! But it has got me thinking if I actually deserve those at all ! Guys you are being extremely generous! Thank you!

This is the second time Jen, from The Butterfly Effect, has nominated me for an award! and this time it is for -

Feels pretty "Awesome" Jen! Thanks a ton!

Well, I have gone through this "passing of awards to fellow bloggers" routine just in my previous post, so I thought cut away from the expected and tell you about one "Awesome" blog that has me hooked, or should I say, has me, hook, line and sinker !! If you think this sounds a little cliched, you should go ahead and read this Awesome blog-

                                             Malignant humor in my head

The blog is as unique as it sounds!!

The author goes by the pen name "Phatichar" and his writings have an amazing novel quality. He can tell you a story in less than 50 words or 5 episodes and have you spell bound in both instances. Whether it is spook or crime he will have you sitting on the edge of your chair, chewing your nails out waiting to read what happens next! So he is undoubtedly deserving of this Awesome blog award.

So here's to you Sirjee,

                                                                         *cheers* .

Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy as a Clam !!

Happy? no, rather, thrilled is how I feel right now!! It's always special to receive an award, isn't it? And all the more special when it is from a fellow blogger!! But before I proudly display my award, let me introduce you to the one who brought that smile to my face...

Rohu as she likes to called, has a beautiful blog herself, "Solitude Sublime". Read it once and you'll be hooked to it like I have been, ever since I did so myself!
And for the ample versatility that she displays, has received the Versatile blogger award.

So here's to Rohu..Cheers and Congratulations!!

And now she has me thrilled and ecstatic because she has considered me worthy of the award. A BIG thank you, Rohu, you've made my day!

When you are nominated for this award, you are required to:
1. Create a new post.
2. Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award. 
3. Pass it on to your fellow bloggers. 
4. State 7 random facts about you.

 This is not in judgement of any blog, but just a nomination of fellow bloggers whose works I've enjoyed reading. Ahh! let's see, there are so many! Well, I've done this before, here and here too. Nominating works of fellow bloggers I love....

So in no particular order, I have nominated these guys whom I haven't nominated before...

1.Atrociouscribblings- A typical Virgo if there was one, Geeky Mechanical Engineering Grad, Vegetarian Foodie, SITCOM Fanatic, Sourav Ganguly worshipper with loads of wackiness and Craziness...that is how he describes himself...check out and you'll know!

2.CD!!!- Humour is CD's middle name or so it seems, creativity and subtle humour thrown in and Lo! you can be assured of fun filled reading each time.

3.Of Prisms and Lives- If you want to read up some soul stirring poetry, you now know where to go! And having it in picturesque backgrounds makes it all the more appaeling.

4.One such story- Yea that's Maithili, with an cute blog and an even cuter cat Timothy, who just makes you want to go upto him and give him a cuddle! Her stories are straight from the heart and touch you as you read.

So guys, here's a bow to your creativity and work. *applause*

Random facts are right here..ya know, I'm being lazy, maybe I'll add something else soon.

So once again, Thanks a ton Rohu and Congratulations guys!.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mera Nagpur!

They say,

You can take a Nagpurian out of Nagpur,
But you can't take Nagpur out of a Nagpurian.

So true. Infact you can identify a Nagpurian anywhere. Just tell him that Pune is the better city and he will immedialtely pounce upon you and tell you why Nagpur is better! Don’t’ try and argue with him because arguing is every Nagpurian’s middle name!! It’s like “ ‘mujori’ is our birthright”.


Fact 1: The "s"language

We have a large Marathi population that can speak fluently in Hindi and not Marathi. Rather it can be called
Hi-rathi( hi ndi + ma rathi)

For example "Hou".

When we say hou we do not mean "how" we mean "yes".
It is derived from the Haan(hindi) + Ho(marathi)= "Hao"..Bingo!!

Sahi means Good
Bum Sahi means- very good
Ek number- means- excellent
and MAHOL- means out of this world!!

Actually you will find “Mahol” being used like water!

“how’s my new dress?” Mahol!
“how was the movie?” mahol!

Abey kidhar means wassup?!!

Naasta marke aata hu, doesn’t mean he is going to kill breakfast but eat it!

And asking raasta kidhar ko girta hai? doesn’t imply where the road falls but rather where it leads to!!
Every old man is referred to as “Bawaji” and every other autowala, rickshaw wallah, shopwala, etc as kaka or mama.

And no sentence is complete without Bole toh! Bole toh is our gift to bollywood!

Item does not always mean hot chick as in this sentence- kya item(read: moron) potta hai!

Actually these words are our very own Takia Kalaam!!

Fact2 : The weather

The weather is a huge topic of discussion in Nagpur!

We have 3 seasons- Summer, Wet Summer and Chilled summer!

Needless to say the most discusssed figures in Nagpur are the temperature figures!
Aaj, ek sau athara(118) tha bhau..! meaning it was 118 degree farenheit today.

Infact I do not know any other place where the temperatures are talked about in farenheit!!

Most homes will have an AC, but it is more of a status symbol.

Yahan toh “cooler se hi kaam chal jata hai”!

For the uninitiated, a cooler is a huge equipment that has woodwool plates on three sides and a huge fan resembling an exhaust at the fourth side. It is a mandatory piece of equipment in every household!

And when the climate's hot can ice creams be far behind? Ice creams either mean the Haldiram softee or the Dinshaws ice creams..

 It never rains cats and dogs in Nagpur, it rains so bad, that people would say “hamesha kutte jaise barish girti hai!”

Fact 3: Girls!

No matter how they look,
No matter how the weather is ,
No matter how they travel-
You will never find a girl without the mandatory scarf on her face! The scarf is actually an understatement it looks something like a mask!

Actually even the eyes are not visible, goggles se chupa hota hai! The scarf is an all season garb! And to add to the effect, white full hand gloves and socks complete the picture.
Sun screen creams?? "Chal Hatt!" who needs them in Nagpur?

The girls are so fast on wheels that they can give Valentino Rossi a run for his money! Catch them if you can!!
Anyway if she happens to meet with an accident or hit someone, there will be 50 men trying to help her. But if it happens to be a guy then the same people will say- “
Kaay re boknya disat nahi ka? Baapacha rasta smajhla ka bey?” (are u blind can’t u see, is it ur dad’s road?)

LAD is the most wanted college here….no no not for girls, for guys… girls college hai na! Wonder if it a coincidence that Wockhardt heart hospital is situated next to LAD girls college!!

Fact 4: food

Oranges! The fruit we are most famous for! Though we grow them, yet we eat imported oranges, because all our homegrown ones get exported! And we do not get them cheaper at the local markets than any of you do..*sigh*

We regularly visit temples here, not because we are very religious or god fearing, but because we get the best samosas and bread pakodis next to most temples!!

Poha(made of fluffed rice) is “the” most heavenly food and when it comes with chana tarri it is divine! Actually to serve it without the tarri is criminal!

Aalo bonda is our “Big Mac” and Soya milk our version of “Red bull”.

We love our Haldiram softee and Dinshaws ice cream, but no one beat our Ice golas!!

Funnily enough, every Pavi bhaji cart is named “Srinath Pav Bhajiwala” for whatever reason!!

And lastly, the only thing other than god which is omnipresent in nagpur is the “pan tapri”
Every guy has his tapri and that is the first place you should look for him!! And never underestimate your friendly panwala, he may be a millionaire!!

Fact 5: Local Dance

No baraat( groom's wedding procession) is complete without "Naagin" dance!! You see, Nagpur is derived from "Nag" meaning snakes so we tend to take the name very seriously!

Sandall dance is our Prom, and every occasion, whether it is Ganesh Chaturti, Navratri, Holi or in short wherever the occasion merits dholaks, we break into "Sandall dance" which is our own invention!!

In fact, we look for the smallest occasion to ask our friends for a party, and party means, dinner accompanied by a small group dance!

So don't mess with a Nagpurian, because everyone has a "Pehchaan",

 "Tujhe maloom nahi mai koun hu, meri bahut pehchaan hai bhau"!!

( courtesy: Nagpurian Tips ,friends from Nagpur)

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