Saturday, July 13, 2013

UBC day 13- Prove that you are not a robot....

I tried to comment on someone's space and this is what I encountered! Undecipherable, unintelligent codes that made me scratch my head in frustration and wonder if all that they had taught us in primary school was a farce...Maybe they should include an extra class in school where they teach you how to decipher this stuff!!

Take a look at some of these codes-

reCAPTCHA challenge image

reCAPTCHA challenge image

I might just be a robot for all you know. You see, I cannot read the captcha!! For reasons of attracting spam, many sites require me to prove that I am a human enough not to spam. But I fail to see the reason behind it. If I could read the write up, it means I am human right? What more do I need to prove? By the way, I did not know robots also read and commented on things! 

I think it should be named, prove that you are a robot, because only a robot would be able to read all those squiggly-squaggly words and numbers! 

I keep hitting the keys hoping I've got the right word, and after a few tries I've lost all inclination to comment. Enabling comment moderation is a wise thing to do, because it anyway lets you see the comments before you publish them, but getting your readers to go through this unthinkable stuff is torturous. 

Again, I may be wrong.... I am a robot, you see!! 

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