Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for Appreciate

 The famous old bard once wrote,

“What is this life so full of care,
 If we have no time to stand and stare?”

Perhaps, he spoke about not taking time out to appreciate nature. The magnificent sun, the radiant moon, the spectacular blooms, the swaying trees and the cool breeze. We have no time indeed to look at the world around us; far less appreciate what is in it!! But I would like to understand his rhyme as it extends to every aspect of our lives. If we just took a moment to sit down and notice, we would find so many things that we have been taking for granted all our lives.

There are so many people out there who wish that they had what we have. The things we might not give a second thought to are luxuries for so many; Good air to breathe, food on our plates, potable water to drink, a roof over our heads, and a warm bed. And yet, we have no time to appreciate being so blessed.

Then I think of life and its moments. These moments are fleeting, and what is there now will soon be gone, and we will wish we had treasured them more. In the end they will all be memories, memories we will hold on to forever. When we learn to appreciate these little moments in life, they leave us with smiles on our faces and contentment in our hearts.

How about the people we love? We never truly appreciate all that our parents did for us, till we have kids, and we start doing all those things for our children! How often we take for granted the unconditional love of our parents, spouse, children and friends! These are the people who see us through our thick and thin, supporting us, loving us, and holding us when we fall.

We better learn to appreciate what we have before it turns into what we had! It’s never too late to show our appreciation for the blessings we have received, for the love we have received, for the abundance we have and for every single moment of life. The more we appreciate what we have, the more we will have to appreciate.

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