Saturday, July 6, 2013

UBC day 6 - That Tuesday thingy

The sun makes its magnificent ascent into the horizon. Like a magician weaves his wand and pulls out a rabbit from his hat, someone just pulled it out from the blanket of the night. I wonder if you saw it. The little birds coo and cluck and chirp, saluting the first warm rays of life. Music so mellifluous and tantalizing, my hair stands on its ends. I wonder if you heard that…

The maddening day unfolds and I see people running around… everyone seem to be in such a tearing hurry. The voices of mortals and machines replacing the sweetness of the music. I strain my ears to hear that celestial music… The tunes are lost… enveloped in sea of noise. Paradoxical!  Sound drowning sound, fancy that!

Life whizzes past me while I stand and stare. The pace scares me. It almost makes me giddy with trepidation. Makes me want to run away! And then I see those smiles, some wrinkled, some youthful, some happy, some sad, some cheerful...but smiles all the full of life, so vibrant, so true. 

Then I see it. The huge ball of flame. Just as it is about to drown itself into the horizon below. A vibrant orange colour, the igniter of passion, signifying zest for life, enthusiasm, unending energy, fun, informality, friendship, open-mindedness and so much more! How liberal and unconventional. It slowly begins its descent downwards, till I see the last of it. The orange sky with its jewel is all but gone, and the sky is now growing pink and purple. There is something ethereal about what I am seeing. It is beautiful to the level of intoxication. It almost takes my breath away. Beauty and nobility remains even after everything has faded into nothingness.

I sit on the moist grass below and look at the dark horizon. Another trick is about to unfold. I can listen to that music again. All over again…


That Tuesday Thingy is an  Indiblogeshwaris initiative. It is an attempt to write,an attempt to challenge yourselves in unknown spheres and stop by the little things in life. It is an attempt to look at life from a blogger's point of view. That's the video prompt for this week's writeup....Time traveler by Rahul Sharma.

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