Wednesday, July 31, 2013

UBD day 31- Looking back......

Ah! What a month this has been! When I wrote my first post for UBC on the first of this month, I had very little faith that I would finish doing what I started. It seemed like a herculean task to write everyday. But having been there, done that, I realise that it is all in the mind.

That couldn't be more correct! 

And the blogger buddy who inspired me to do this, Shilpa , has herself been a standing testimonial to this! I saw her go to the extremes, stretching herself, and still going strong and it inspired me not to give up. In the middle of sick kids, exams, schedules gone haywire, I looked upto her as an example to keep going. 

I discovered new bloggers on the way. 

 Bhavya  who has an excellent command over the written word, Pixie who could write on a myriad of subjects, Kajal and Kathy who shared their wonderful experiences with us, and Smita whom I connected with on a personal level sharing mommy experiences! 

I also discovered two fun to be with buddies, Dee and  Chiky . While Dee bore her way into my heart with her endearments, contemplative posts and fun filled challenges, Chiky filled my heart with delight with her humour filled reads. They have been two of the sweetest bloggers I have come across. I also discovered how similar Dee and I were! 

I marveled at how SuKu came up with themed challenges for every week. If it was travel one week, it would be food the other, and the last week was excellent with the 7 sins thrown in. That organised way of blogging is something I must learn from her!

This is one girl I cannot rave enough about, Richa. She wrote a month long story weaving each character expertly, keeping us on tenterhooks about what would happen next! Hats off to her! 

 The non- participants of the UBC  and my regular blogger friends stayed with me, encouraging and pushing me, esp. Ankur, who stayed with me throughout this challenge with his lovely words of encouragement and Usha Ma'm with her wise words.

This has been a truly fulfilling experience, and thank you Cornine  for giving us this opportunity to connect and share. 


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