Saturday, July 27, 2013

UBC day 27 - I can.

Just a little sapling I was,
with dreams that eyes behold,
Fire in my belly and faith in my heart,
Waiting for life to unfold.

You mustn't grow, no rights have you,
they cried and pinned me down,
I pushed, I fought, I kicked, I begged,
but they would not let me crown.

Losing all hopes, I cocooned within,
scared and shaken and sad,
limp I lay on the earth alone,
lifeless, cold and unclad.

You mustn't lose hope, you can stand up tall,
said a little voice from within,
grow your roots, gain the strength,
learn to grit and grin.

Don't give up yet, the mind's your puppet,
you can guide it as you might,
teach yourself to be so strong,
that one day you can stand upright.

I know I can and I know I will,
One day the demons defeat,
and that is the day when I will have,
the whole world at my feet. 

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