Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Unique

The other day, a friend remarked how I wasn’t just like the rest of the gang. “You are a little too childish, a little too outspoken, a little too messy,” she went on…“that’s not classy at all and neither attractive, you must change”

 Yeah, I’m a ‘little too’ of all of that. I like being myself, I hate pretense, and I hate people who pretend!

 I like to eat with my hands, and don’t really make a big deal if what I’m eating happens to accidentally drip down my chin, especially if I have been enjoying eating it! That doesn’t make me any less lady-like, does it?

I like to line my eyes with kohl, even if I’m home alone, I like to dress up for myself, and no one else, and wear what I like to wear, and not what people think I should be wearing! So that doesn’t make me less classy. In fact, I think, being classy is not just about the clothes, it is about the respect you have for yourself and for others.

 I’m not a rebel, I’m usually law abiding, even if I’m the only one waiting at the signal, when it is red! (That’s happened couple of times before…people breeze past even as the light has just turned from green to red, but not me!) They may think I’m weird, but I like to stand up when I hear the national anthem being played, wherever I may be at that time. Does that make me a nutcase?

I don’t wait for someone else to initiate conversation; I am at ease talking to strangers as I would be with friends…does that make me any less attractive?

I don’t think it is funny to have fun at someone else expense, and no, just because I said it in as many words, doesn’t make me childish…. In fact I never thought it was mature enough to do so anyway!

And yeah, it’s ok if they call me a unique piece, because I know I am unique! Actually we all are…! Why die copying each other when you are born unique?

Every print of thumb is unique,
And so is every snowflake,
I’d rather be myself and be proud,

Than being someone fake!

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