Thursday, August 6, 2015

Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai!

I am easily one of those people whom you might call an "extrovert." So it is not a big surprise that I have plenty of friends. I am also least likely to forget my friends or go out of touch with even one of them, unless it is initiated by them. So this year as a friendship day tribute to all those lovely people who have made life worth living, here is a collage of my closest friends, who have weathered time and situations to stick close to me. Of course, it is not possible to include every person who is a friend, so I have included those whom I am closest to.

The Soul Buddies- 

This is perhaps my closest gang. My sister (in golden-brown) who is my first friend ever, my friend who has been with me right from baby class (in green), another who is been my partner in crime, joy and grief (in red and yellow) and my hubby (also in green), who continues to be a friend first.

The School chums-

This is my childhood gang, the school buddies. Though I had lost touch with several of them over the years, social media brought us together, and the reunion I finally had with them, was truly a blessing. This is one gang that never grew up! We were like a bunch of school girls all over again, and then you realise that you can afford to be like that with friends you have literally grown up with! The polished mannerisms of the world are surely not to be used when with them!

The Childhood Gang-

There is another gang from childhood, that formed since we all have practically lived in the same place / apartment for eons. We were the most notorious, and also fiercely protective of one another. We have never celebrated any festival without each other, and have literally grown up in each other's homes, never in our own!!

The terrace was the place for all our "khufiya" meetings and we have shared everything from the most mundane to the most serious secrets with each other! We never knew what depression is, because any problem could just be shared and solved with the most innovative techniques!

The College Gang-

We were a gang of 16 in college, and it was the most fun filled years of my life! From not just watching movies but also breaking into an impromptu dance in the theater much to the annoyance of people around, to sitting on the train foot board while on our tours and trips, to doing each other's lab work and bunking college and to everything in between, we have done it all!

The Fun Gang-

These guys are colleagues from my first job, and are world's coolest guys! If I stuck to that job for almost 9 years, it was just because of these guys. They made my initial days of staying alone in a brand new city not just bearable but worth all the trouble too! This is one gang I did not lose touch with even for a short time. I can credit my whacky side to them! they showed me that is not necessary to be prim and proper all the time!

The Inseparable Gang-

These are guys from my second job, and we just hit it off so well from day 1 that we almost became inseparable! Some people are just meant to be a part of your life, like they were waiting for the train to stop at their station so that they could just get in and carry on the journey with you. These are those guys!

The Alter Egos-

These three couples are like our alter egos. We started out as colleagues, but the bond we share is so special that we could easily be each other. They are softest and most beautiful people we could ever know. Being with them is like being under the shade of the most dense and most fragrant trees. They shower us with so much love that it is difficult to believe, that are people like them in this world!


    "The Gang"-

Yea! You know what I mean right? THIS is the THE GANG! This is a unique gang because, they were originally my husband's gang. His gang of 6 guys. One by one, the wives and girlfriends (who later became wives) got added to the gang, and we became a gang of 12. Then we all had our first kids almost at the same time, and then the second one at almost the same time too! The gang is now 24 member strong!! Our biggest discussion is about going on trips, and half our meetings are spent discussing where we should go next! When we meet, no one wants to go home, so we end up staying over and by the way, this happens every fortnight!

One crazy gang this is!

I cannot thank the Almighty enough for filling my life with friends like these. The feeling of being loved and cared by people who matter to you is the greatest feeling ever. If my wealth was to be measured by the friends I have, I guess I would be richest person on earth!

(I have also had the pleasure of having a lot of friends whom I met virtually, but for that, there's one more post coming up!)

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