Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Snug on the white settee,
He reposes,
Slumps against its silken head,
She lounges nearby,
Reclines, props up against him,
Cozy, together, in love.

The lights dim,
A candle burns in the distance,
Its glow surreal.
The cool breeze,
Tickling the wind chimes,
Their jingling laughter,
The moon
Peeks from behind the clouds.
Wafts through the air.

And yet they remain,
Cozy and yet so restless,
Together and yet far away,
Connected and yet unplugged,
In love but not with each other.

They lie unaware,
Of the moments that pass unnoticed,
Of the moon, the breeze, the jingle,
Of the presence
Of one another.

Romancing a different universe,
Through the device they hold in their hands,
Devoid of each other,
Oblivious to the drama,
That plays around them,
Of precious moments slipping by.


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