Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mera Nagpur!

They say,

You can take a Nagpurian out of Nagpur,
But you can't take Nagpur out of a Nagpurian.

So true. Infact you can identify a Nagpurian anywhere. Just tell him that Pune is the better city and he will immedialtely pounce upon you and tell you why Nagpur is better! Don’t’ try and argue with him because arguing is every Nagpurian’s middle name!! It’s like “ ‘mujori’ is our birthright”.


Fact 1: The "s"language

We have a large Marathi population that can speak fluently in Hindi and not Marathi. Rather it can be called
Hi-rathi( hi ndi + ma rathi)

For example "Hou".

When we say hou we do not mean "how" we mean "yes".
It is derived from the Haan(hindi) + Ho(marathi)= "Hao"..Bingo!!

Sahi means Good
Bum Sahi means- very good
Ek number- means- excellent
and MAHOL- means out of this world!!

Actually you will find “Mahol” being used like water!

“how’s my new dress?” Mahol!
“how was the movie?” mahol!

Abey kidhar means wassup?!!

Naasta marke aata hu, doesn’t mean he is going to kill breakfast but eat it!

And asking raasta kidhar ko girta hai? doesn’t imply where the road falls but rather where it leads to!!
Every old man is referred to as “Bawaji” and every other autowala, rickshaw wallah, shopwala, etc as kaka or mama.

And no sentence is complete without Bole toh! Bole toh is our gift to bollywood!

Item does not always mean hot chick as in this sentence- kya item(read: moron) potta hai!

Actually these words are our very own Takia Kalaam!!

Fact2 : The weather

The weather is a huge topic of discussion in Nagpur!

We have 3 seasons- Summer, Wet Summer and Chilled summer!

Needless to say the most discusssed figures in Nagpur are the temperature figures!
Aaj, ek sau athara(118) tha bhau..! meaning it was 118 degree farenheit today.

Infact I do not know any other place where the temperatures are talked about in farenheit!!

Most homes will have an AC, but it is more of a status symbol.

Yahan toh “cooler se hi kaam chal jata hai”!

For the uninitiated, a cooler is a huge equipment that has woodwool plates on three sides and a huge fan resembling an exhaust at the fourth side. It is a mandatory piece of equipment in every household!

And when the climate's hot can ice creams be far behind? Ice creams either mean the Haldiram softee or the Dinshaws ice creams..

 It never rains cats and dogs in Nagpur, it rains so bad, that people would say “hamesha kutte jaise barish girti hai!”

Fact 3: Girls!

No matter how they look,
No matter how the weather is ,
No matter how they travel-
You will never find a girl without the mandatory scarf on her face! The scarf is actually an understatement it looks something like a mask!

Actually even the eyes are not visible, goggles se chupa hota hai! The scarf is an all season garb! And to add to the effect, white full hand gloves and socks complete the picture.
Sun screen creams?? "Chal Hatt!" who needs them in Nagpur?

The girls are so fast on wheels that they can give Valentino Rossi a run for his money! Catch them if you can!!
Anyway if she happens to meet with an accident or hit someone, there will be 50 men trying to help her. But if it happens to be a guy then the same people will say- “
Kaay re boknya disat nahi ka? Baapacha rasta smajhla ka bey?” (are u blind can’t u see, is it ur dad’s road?)

LAD is the most wanted college here….no no not for girls, for guys… girls college hai na! Wonder if it a coincidence that Wockhardt heart hospital is situated next to LAD girls college!!

Fact 4: food

Oranges! The fruit we are most famous for! Though we grow them, yet we eat imported oranges, because all our homegrown ones get exported! And we do not get them cheaper at the local markets than any of you do..*sigh*

We regularly visit temples here, not because we are very religious or god fearing, but because we get the best samosas and bread pakodis next to most temples!!

Poha(made of fluffed rice) is “the” most heavenly food and when it comes with chana tarri it is divine! Actually to serve it without the tarri is criminal!

Aalo bonda is our “Big Mac” and Soya milk our version of “Red bull”.

We love our Haldiram softee and Dinshaws ice cream, but no one beat our Ice golas!!

Funnily enough, every Pavi bhaji cart is named “Srinath Pav Bhajiwala” for whatever reason!!

And lastly, the only thing other than god which is omnipresent in nagpur is the “pan tapri”
Every guy has his tapri and that is the first place you should look for him!! And never underestimate your friendly panwala, he may be a millionaire!!

Fact 5: Local Dance

No baraat( groom's wedding procession) is complete without "Naagin" dance!! You see, Nagpur is derived from "Nag" meaning snakes so we tend to take the name very seriously!

Sandall dance is our Prom, and every occasion, whether it is Ganesh Chaturti, Navratri, Holi or in short wherever the occasion merits dholaks, we break into "Sandall dance" which is our own invention!!

In fact, we look for the smallest occasion to ask our friends for a party, and party means, dinner accompanied by a small group dance!

So don't mess with a Nagpurian, because everyone has a "Pehchaan",

 "Tujhe maloom nahi mai koun hu, meri bahut pehchaan hai bhau"!!

( courtesy: Nagpurian Tips ,friends from Nagpur)

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