Monday, August 1, 2016

Stranger than fiction!

Twelve bananas maketh a dozen, not six or nine or seven,
I wondered why, that seemed so strange, as I looked upward to heaven,
The stars told me the story of the zodiac signs, à la twelve,
The sun and moon with their twelve-hourly clock, further made me delve.

The Chinese, Hindus, Hebrews, Gregorians, in twelve they measure their year,
Twelve Olympian God’s and twelve Jyotirlingas, say you’ve nothing to fear.
Twelve Alwars have the Vaishnavites and Twelve Imams succeeded Muhammed,
Twelve apostles carried forth Jesus’ work, after His blood was shed,

Twelve Swarastanas in Hindustani and Carnatic, form a musical octave,
The function keys, the telephone and face cards, yeah! twelve are what they have.
Twelve pies made an Anna, twelve ounces a Troy pound,
Twelve pence made a shilling, and a foot, twelve inches long!

Twelve cranial nerves and twelve pairs of ribs, make the human body strong,
Zwölffingerdarm, as the Germans say, the intestine is twelve inches long,
Twelve’s a single-morpheme name in English, did you have a clue?
And in math, a sublime number and superfactorial too!

Ain’t all that interesting, ain’t that stranger than fiction?
Twelve Rashis are what, will make your life’s prediction!
From math to science and English, to art and God above,
Isn't it strange how everywhere, the number Twelve well behoves!


Written for the prompt "Stranger than Fiction" as a part of the 'Bar-A-Thon' - a  week-long blogging marathon for bloggers. If you'd like to participate, or read what other bloggers have to say, visit the BAR for more details. 
 I'm with #Team Crimson Rush :)

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