Monday, March 23, 2015

April A to Z Challenge!

The April A to Z challenge is back again. The year just seems to have flown by. When I did the challenge last year, it was more a catharsis of my feelings, a note to myself, and a clarity about what I wanted in life. I did the challenge more as a dialogue with my inner self and it did leave me with a lot of thought for rumination.

This year, my theme is "Love."


A four letter word.

Simple and yet so complicated. Touches your heart but is firmly wired to your brain. It could be as myriad as the hues of a rainbow and yet could be pure and white, or black and muddy or in multitude shades of gray. 

Understanding Love can be difficult yet it is the only thing that we crave to understand. This is a journey of love. All through April, let me take you through the various manifestations of love, from one form of love to another, from one story to another, all from another time and era.

26 Alphabets, 26 days, and lots of posts from friends and a lot of fun. That is what this challenge is all about. For those of you who are new to the concept, you can get your answers to the what's and how's here at A to Z challenge and of course, sign up if you feel up to it.

So see you on the 1st of April. 
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