Sunday, June 14, 2015

And the struggle continues...

The eternal war goes on and on...
The fight between the heart and mind,
Neither wins, when one loses,
That's how fate has them designed!

'tis the heart that knows it all,
And yet it lies so quiet and still,
As if it is loath to speak,
Accede to an inordinate will.

The mind so restless,
Brimming over with thoughts,
Rationalising and filtering,
Battling it out with the heart.

The heart tugs at the core of the mind,
While the mind knocks at the wit of the heart,
One gentle, the other ruthless, 
Until one has torn the other apart.

In being foes, they are allies still,
The heart enriching the soul when it wins,
The mind protecting the heart with his,
And yet the conflict continues within!

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