Thursday, July 11, 2013

UBC day 11- Baba Gyaneshwar!

The little one is quite witty. He often stumps me with his one liners. I wonder if he is a born humorist! When he says those punch lines, he says it with a straight face and then bursts out laughing. He is that good!

Yesterday, I was teaching him spellings.

"A" for...?

"Apple..." pat came the reply.

"Good..Spell it..."


Like wise we went on with B for Boy to E for Egg. Then we came to F.

"F for...?"


"How do you spell it?"

"I don't know. You tell."

They had been taught that just a day before, so I decided to help him.

"F-I-S-H..... now repeat..."


"F-I-S-H, Chiku."


"listen carefully now, F-I-S-H"


Was he doing it purposely to annoy me, I wondered. 

"One last time, baby, It's S-H. How do you spell fish?"


I could have torn my hair.

"Chiku, last time now, concentrate. F-I-S-H. ok?" I stressed every word clearly. "Now tell me, how do you spell fish?"


Did you know Fish could be spelt like that too?


I have this habit of making my kids eat by telling them stories about why it's good for them. When they have to eat carrots, I tell them that it has vitamin A and how Vitamin A will go to the tummy and crawl into the blood and settle in a small chair behind the eyes, so that they can see well.... (yea, yea.... that is the kind of stories I have to tell them....but it works....!!!!) You'll be amazed at how well my kids know which food contains what.

Today, the little one happened to see a packet of glucose while the fridge door was open.

"Mamma, I want Blucon D" he started.

"There's nothing in that..." I reasoned.

"There is. See it says on the label. It has vitamin D."

Jai ho baba gyaneshwar!!

Did you know Glucose contained Vitamin D?


After dinner last night, I told the elder one to switch off the lights of all the rooms before he came to sleep. He did as told but forgot about the lights in the veranda.

"Dada," he called his brother, "Will the lights in the veranda switch off by themselves?"

Wonder where he comes up with all that!! 


"Mamma, You put two forks in my fruit box today" he told me.

 I searched his bag but there was just one fork in it.

"There's just one here.Where's the other?" I asked him.

"I gave it to Abhinav, he said he doesn't have forks at home."

 Does he think he is Danveer Karna!! Fancy donating my cutlery like that! 


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