Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S for Seduction

Seducing the man or woman of your dreams is an art. It does not come easy to everyone! And yet there are those people who know how to play this game and win at it.

Here is a tale of a sage who seduced a common girl, and their progeny went on to become the most famous writer of the world’s oldest epic.

Sage Parashar looked at the beautiful girl ferrying passengers to and fro across the Yamuna. Her curls entwined themselves around her fair body falling to her slim waist and her alluring smile brought an instant sparkle to the drab atmosphere around.

She is the one; the beautiful nymph who is destined to bear me a son of an exceptionally high spiritual state, he thought as he saw her rowing her boat towards him.

He closed his eyes and tried to read her mind.

If only I could be rid of this smell of fish emanating from my body, she thought. No one even steals a glance at me, she sighed. Am I not beautiful?

Oh! So that’s what troubling this beautiful maiden, thought the sage unto himself. She looked pretty graceful doing even such a simple task as rowing. As the boat glided on the waters, she looked like a swan, moving in perfect harmony; only there was sadness in her deep black eyes.

When the boat docked at his end, he helped himself inside and beckoned for her to row.

“There are some more passengers, oh great sage”, she said, “let me help them in too.”

“No…just the two of us,” he said holding up his hand, and the deep baritone of his voice held her captive, luring her into his fold, almost commanding her to obey.

He sat with his gaze fixed steadfast on her and she found that surprisingly comforting. At last someone has bothered to look beyond the smell of my body, she thought.

“Lovely maiden, I know what ails you”, he said as the boat ventured further into the Yamuna.  He then gave her a potion. “Eat this Satyavati”, he said, “it will make your matsyagandha go away.”

Who was this sage? Had he read her mind?

She obeyed as was told and as soon as the potion was consumed, the smell of fish was gone! Her body radiated the smell of the most fragrant musk. She was thrilled and her eyes shone with happiness and gratitude.

Sensing her excitement, he ran his finger on her cheek, “You are such a beautiful girl, Satyavati,” he said leaning into her ear and breathing in the sensual aroma emanating from her body.

She smiled shyly, tilting her head in response to the tingling sensation, letting his finger trace her cheeks, before moving to her quivering lips. He draped an arm around her slender waist and drew her closer…brushing his lips against hers beckoning them to lock into his. As she parted her lips, letting him suckle the sweetness within, he explored territories hitherto unknown to her, leaving her aching for more.

 “Your beauty is unparalleled Satyavati,” he said, holding her in an embrace, and as she rested her head on his chest, tracing patterns on his glistening skin, she knew this was the moment she had been waiting for so long.

“Be mine, Satyavati,” he said lifting her face by her chin, and she smiled shyly, biting her lower lip and lowering her eyes in acceptance.

 “Your eyes are like the bud of a divine lotus, sundari…and you, no less than a divine apsara,” he said kissing her eyes.


She dwelled on that word for some time, thinking of all the times people had shied away from her, looking down upon her as a lowly creature, much less a woman. Tears filled her eyes, glistening in the sunlight, and he caught them just before they rolled down.

“Do not dwell in the past, my dear,” he said, “Your days of suffering are over. You will not only bear me a son of exceptional virtues and knowledge but also become the queen of a vast dynasty.”

What women wouldn’t give to be seduced by a man who could not only read their mind but also tell them exactly what they wanted to hear! she thought as she bowed before him, and he enveloped her in his embrace again.

He gently freed her of the veil that covered her. What a beautiful and innocent girl she was. Mind so pure and body so flawless.

And then suddenly lust overtook all other feelings and he deftly coursed down her neck and bosom, touching her like no one had ever touched her before. Satyavati was lost in the electrifying sensations that coursed through her body, giving in to the heat that threatened to consume her, and then suddenly aware of her surroundings, she was immensely embarrassed.

“Oh great sage, it is still daytime, and people are watching us,” she whispered covering herself with her hands.

The sage used his powers and created a thick mist which not only enveloped the boat but also created a false sense of time. As time stood still for the both of them, the sage took her with an enormous passion that belied his position while she shuddered with delight.


And that is how Satyavati, the young girl on the cusp of transformation into womanhood, was seduced by the great sage Parashar, and their progeny, Vsaya went on to write the Mahabharata, the greatest epic in the world.

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