Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Little Princess is 5 today!

For once, I remembered The Little Princess' birthday!

I have forgotten almost all milestones of TLP that could have caused me to add and deduct a few more pounds, the former to my waist and the latter from my purse. Blame it on my ant-like memory, but unless someone points it out, I am wont to forget milestones and to celebrate! Not this time, though!

The Little Princess is all of five today, and what a long way we've come together! She took in my ramblings and stories with equal ease. She brought me friends, who read what I wrote, praised and critiqued, but most importantly held me when I faltered. For all this and more, I remain eternally thankful - you know who you all are!

These 5 years have taught me a lot. It taught me the importance of good content, it made me realise the strength of effective networking, and most of all, it helped me realise that my greatest joy is in writing. TLP happened without a thought, I had not paid much attention to the naming of this blog, nor to the content that I'd be featuring here. As a result, I have been rambling about everything I can think of here - dabbling in poetry and fiction with as much flourish as in parenting and relationship topics. But I guess, most of have been in the exact same spot and we need a nudge in the right direction to help us know where we should be heading.

An inspiring post from a fellow blogger, Sid, made me question if TLP is a brand yet, and also made me realise that I do not have a niche. I had to push myself to introspect, but the Eureka moment occurred when a friend happened to accidentally reveal to me what it was!

Armed with a new thought, I wondered how I could revamp TLP without taking away the essence of the blog. Over the years TLP had developed a character of her own and I was not sure I wanted to tear down everything to start from scratch and develop this into a niche blog. So TLP stays till she wants to! So I went on to the next best thing...

On her birthday, TLP announces the birth of her little sister, "Ground Coffee Bean". The 'About' page tells you the idea behind Ground Coffee Bean.

Do hop over and say hello to TLP's little sister! She needs all your love!  Let me know what you think.

P.S. I'm experimenting with WordPress for the first time, and hence I'm still trying to get used to it. The site is still in its infancy. Blogger definitely seems like a more user-friendly interface.
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