Monday, August 12, 2019

Her Saviour

The water that was knee deep,
Had begun it’s ascent again,
The lifeless bodies floating outside,
Made her heart scream out in pain.

There was no one she could call out to,
She stood before her Lord,
Panduranga, hear me out she cried
Clutching the metal God.

She felt a kick within her womb,
A tear escaped her eye,
Would her unborn live to see the day,
She looked askance at the sky.

The lamp in the small temple,
Flickered and dwindled and died,
Her hopes refused to die out though,
Vittala, Vittala, she cried.

Eyes closed, and heart chanting,
Her ears strained to hear some sound,
In this watery, slushy graveyard,
Would she ever be found?

Then she felt strong arms,
Wrapped around the small of her back,
Famished, and tired and fraught ,
The world around her turned black.

It was bright when she opened her eyes,
The world nothing like she’d seen,
But Her Lord had saved her, he did indeed,
Her Vittala in military green..
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