Monday, June 1, 2015


People have been always been quite generous with praising me! I find it so admirable that they are able to find so many admirable qualities in me!

I remember that my kindergarten teacher was the first one  to

recognize my hidden (no, not really!) talents and to start with this award thing. At the tender age of four, I was honored with the "Most Talkative girl" award! On the progress card, she wrote in large red letters - "Stands first in class, but very talkative!" You tell me, how many people can yap away to glory at such a tender age and also manage a get a mention of it in their progress cards? See the point?

My mom continued the tradition. It is from her that I got the "Miss Kumbhakarni" award for being able to sleep like a log. Again, that was pretty special. Being able to sleep peacefully, undisturbed, and for the right (okay...for longer) duration needs special talent, doesn't  it?  You need to know how to detach your worries from your head and store them away for later use before you hit that pillow. Needless to say, I could very effortlessly not worry about just about anything. Exams never gave me sleepless nights, neither did anything else! I  peacefully slept through most of my worries!!

Yep...this award was given to me by Hubby dearest! The "Most unorganised person" award. Now THAT is one award I am proud of receiving! I'll tell you why.  I read some kind of study somewhere which says that creative people tend to be a little unorganised. And this award just goes to show that I might have that little creative side to me!! There you know now! So if I'm forever misplacing things and hunting for things thereafter, you'd know that my creative side is trying to burst out of my highly unorganised side!

A friend's husband gave me the "Miss Wikipedia" award. If she's ever stuck with something, he'll casually remark, "Aren't you asking your Google?" I'm not sure if that is meant as a compliment or otherwise, but I believe, awards are awards, and must be treated as one! 

A friend gave me "The Drama Queen" award. And true to the drama queen that I was, I gave this beautiful teak jerking speech afterwards, thanking him for thinking me of being worthy of this award. I also made sure to thank everyone from mummy and daddy, to my kaam wali bai for their unflinching support because of which I got this much-coveted crown! 

 Yet another friend gave me the "Chashmebadoor" award because I wore a huge pair of spectacles back those days (and that makes it sure, he did not know what chashmebadoor meant!) There have been some more awards, but it would be highly inappropriate for me to make a mention of those here! So I'll leave it at that!

By the way, here's another addition to my list of awards- Top 15 short stories Blogs in India. Just when I was beginning to worry if it meant someone thought I can 'spin tall tales', hubby dearest said, 'Eat the mangoes na, why worry about the seeds?!!'


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