Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My naughty little monkey

It was almost five years since Harshvardhan arrived and we had decided he would be the one and only center of our small world. So it was a surprise when I realised I was carrying again. The emotions were a mixed bag of happiness and disbelief. It was scary too as the previous experience started to haunt again. A whole new bag of what ifs started to weigh on my shoulders.

We anyway decided to bring this little bundle of joy into our life and family . I was very careful not to do anything that may harm me or the baby this time. No sweets,no running around, maintaining  food timings and taking good nourishing food. Then as destiny would have it,my days of agony began.

Around the seventh month of gestation,my water broke and I lost about 90% of the amniotic fluid. I had to be admitted and the doctor decided that the baby will have to be delivered. But the huge risk that underlay bringing the baby to the outside world would be the development of its lungs would be incomplete.That would mean the baby would be prone to lung infections the moment it came out. But with no other option in sight,the baby was delivered. No sooner than he came out,he was put in the intensive care and put on drips.

I couldn`t believe I was going through all this once again.

This fellow was even tinier and I wondered how the nurse got hold of any vein at all. The condition of the baby kept deteriorating and he was diagonsed with pulmonary pneumonia. He needed a ventilator and all round observation and so in the best interest of the baby,he was shifted to a bigger facility. He was put on oxygen and drips,and it was so agonising to see his hand and feet strapped to the little NICU bed so that he wouldn`t keep removing his oxygen mask or drip set.

He was so naughty even at that tender age of 10 days!!

Gradually he started improving and he was given to us after almost 15days. But the joy of having him with us was short lived.He developed severe bronchopneumonia within a month and had to be re-admitted to the hospital. I was scared beyond words and cried my heart out.

If I was still sane,it would have to be because of the moral support  from my parents and hubby and  divine grace from the almighty. After what seemed like a lifetime,my baby was finally in my arms. I was determined to take such good care of him that he would never have to be sick ever again.

We named him Shubham-the auspicious one. As he grows older and stronger,he has also become naughtier and full of attitude. He is my little naughty monkey,very mischievous and yet very adorable.

My little bundle of joy

How immensely gratifying is the experience of being a mother!! When I  learnt that my first little bundle of joy was to arrive,I couldn`t stop jumping with joy. I was ecstatic with happiness!

 We shared our news with our family and friends and with every congratulatory message that came to us my joy just doubled and tripled. But the joy soon turned to agony as the complications started setting in. I was advised complete bed rest. Soon I was also diagonsed with gestational diabetes. I had to make my daily trip to the hospital every morning to be pricked with insulin for the rest of my gestational period. I had a huge craving for sweets but was strictly told to keep off it.

The months of waiting  were agonising. I was told that babies of diabetic mothers are unusually large and have to be taken care of in an NICU setup for sometime after birth. I was very scared. The day finally arrived and I went to the hospital with my hubby in tow. By some miracle or by some divine intervention, the baby was normal in size but had very low blood sugar levels. He was placed in the incubator with a glucose drip running down his tiny hand. Every day the drip site would be changed and he would have a prick in a different hand or feet every day.It was heart wrenching to see my little one bandaged and lying in the incubator.

 It was even more painful not to be able to pick up my baby in my arms,not to be able to kiss his tiny forehead and not to be able to feed him. After eight painful days,my little fighter was ready to go home with us. It was such a relief to touch him and hold him for the first time ever! All the pain and agony of the past nine months was forgiven and forgotten.

We decided to name this tiny bundle joy -Harshvardhan-the one who increases happiness. 
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