Monday, August 3, 2015


Sometimes it just takes a smile to set things right.

We had a late night, celebrating friendship day with our gang. I had switched off the alarm on Saturday night, so that I could get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning, and conveniently forgot to switch it back before going to sleep. No alarm equalled over sleeping and delaying all chores in turn. I also had an extra person in the house occupying the washroom and delaying the kids, having me scurrying after them. I had no time to eat breakfast because it was already late, and while I wondered how much more worse things could get, I remembered that the vehicle was very low on petrol. I deliberated between going to the bunk and filling petrol even if I got late to office or risk the vehicle getting dry somewhere in between. That was a no brainer, I would anyway be late if the vehicle stopped midway somewhere and then I would also risk dragging it to the nearest bunk. So, I stopped to get petrol, all the while I cursed myself for the late night party and everything that happened as a result of it. The long queue at the petrol bunk and constantly looking at my watch was getting me all worked up. My heart had started beating faster, my mind was constantly cursing myself and also cursed everyone whom I thought was responsible, my friends, the kids, the extra person at home, the people in the bunk, everyone!

And then suddenly it hit me….what was I achieving by getting all worked up? This would probably make me drive faster, I could maybe hit someone accidentally, I would curse few more who would drive recklessly, and get further worked up. I was getting into a vicious circle. This had to be stopped.

 So I decided to relax instead. I took a deep breath, and removed my watch and put it in my jacket. I didn’t want to be seeing the time every second and worrying that I will be late. I also began humming some of favourite songs as I rode. My speed slowed down to acceptable limits, and I was concentrating better on the road. Then at an intersection, the traffic was phenomenal. Vehicles stood bumper to bumper. I saw two people trying to unsuccessfully cross the road, while cars kept inching forward without pausing for a second. It reminded me of the times, I have tried to cross the road hoping the next vehicle will pause for a second and let me pass. Consciously, I slowed down and braked for a moment, to let them cross.

One of them just looked into my eyes for a fleeting second and gave me a lovely smile and a thumbs up. I think that just did the trick. Immediately my nerves were calmer, and there was a smile on my lips too. It wasn’t much, but I still managed to bring a smile to at least one person’s face, and that smile came right back to me. That is the power of a smile. It was such an important lesson. You never know who’s been having a difficult day, maybe one smile is all they need. 

So go ahead and smile. Make someone’s day!! 
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