Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Book Review - Sirens Spell Danger

Sirens Spell Danger is a collection of three thrillers by three amazing writers. 

The first one “Femme Fatale” is a fast paced thriller that is full of action and also my favourite.  Loved the attention to minute details, not a single scene or character seems out of place. The plot is tightly weaved and there are no loose ends. You can almost feel the excitement as the action picks up in the last few chapters.  There is an unmistakable tinge of subtle humour even in grim situations. It has the author's inimitable stamp all over it! There's no attempt to showcase the protagonists as larger than life. They could be anyone you see on the street, very realistic and believable.

The next one” Bella Donna” comes across as the best researched of the lot but it did get a little predictable. A medical thriller, with a slick execution of the story line. It may look a tad bit confusing keeping tab of the large number of characters that are introduced in the beginning chapters, but as the story progresses, it leaves you amazed at the detailing that has gone into it. Each chapter begins with a subtle hint of the protagonist’s side of the story, then climaxing beautifully in the end.

“Bellary” dwells on the paranormal and the world of make believe. There seem to be some gaps in the story and this one could have done with better handling.

Sirens spell danger is a compelling read. A great mix of three thrillers that keep you hooked till the very end. 

The book is available in a Kindle Edition
Total no of pages : 211 pages
Kindle price :   99.00

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