Thursday, December 12, 2013

A ticket to travel...

If I could buy a ticket, 
where would I rather go?
To the hills, to the oceans,or the forests,
to what nature could possibly show?
These places I've been to before,
And they've thrilled me to bits each time,
But that's not where this ride will be,
oh,where do I put my dime?

Ah! I know a better place,
 I'd go down my memory lane,
Just the place I want to go,
To relive my childhood again.
I'd like to find the stop where I,
Left my innocence behind,
I'd like to know when I really grew up,
Enmeshed in the daily grind.

I want to know the station where,
My chirpy self, got off,
I left her side for a minute or two,
To be by Ms.Little Gruff.
I want the little ME back again,
That is where this ticket is to,
I'm off to find, bring her I will, 
And bid this strange ME adieu!


I'm participating in the Write Tribe Festival of words, from 8th -14th dec...
And this post is written for the Write Tribe Prompt -"Travel"

Yeah! That's music to my ears...!!!

Daddy's heartfelt laughter, 
that rises from deep inside his belly 
and fills up his sparkling brown eyes,
that reverberates in my heart when I am sad,
Yeah! That music to my ears!

Endearing names that mom calls me by,
most meaning nothing at all,
but each one so filled with her endless love,
there's no other name I'd rather be called,
Yeah! That's music to my ears!

Each time hubby croons out of tune,
Each time he's made me laugh,
Each time he says, "I love you dear"
That is all I ever want to hear,
Yeah! That's music to my ears!

Hearing my little one's first cry,
Hearing him blabber only the way he can,
Yet knowing what exactly he means,
And hear him coo in return,
Yeah! That's music to my ears!  

I'm participating in the Write Tribe Festival of words, from 8th-14th dec..
And this post is for the Write Tribe Prompt- "Music"

Books... (A 55-errrr?)

I wonder what the words do at night,
After I close my book shut,
Do they wriggle out of the pages?
And jump down and march about?
Maybe they climb up to my pillow,
And silently sneak into my head,
That should explain why I see them all,
As I turn and toss about in bed! 


                               I am participating in the write tribe festival of words from 8th -14th Dec
                                                  This post is on the Write Tribe Prompt- "Books"

Just some "Food" for thought....

Mantra no 1:  Love thyself!! 
Because unless you do, you cannot expect others to love you back!!

Mantra no 2: Let go!!!
Sometimes you have to learn to let go... Maybe the inability to do so which is the cause for so much grief.... be a free soul.

Mantra no 3:  Stop worrying!!!
Most things will settle on their own, if only we could stop worrying about them! It not sucks away your positivity and confidence but also leaves you stressed out and flustered. Learn to lay back and keep calm.

Mantra no 4:  There's always another view!! 
Not for nothing is it said, that there's your view, the other person's view and the truth....Face it! you may not always be the only one who is right...

And lastly, Mantra no 5: Take that turn!
When you reach a dead end, take that turn...You don't want to be stuck in a rabbit hole forever...


I'm participating in the write tribe festival of words from 8th -14th dec...
and this post is on the Write Tribe prompt- "Food" 

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