Friday, August 5, 2016

Tiny Shoes

I look at the pair of tiny shoes,
Warm and fluffy and yellow,
And think of the times when it adorned the feet, 
Of a sweet little fellow.
These are my little one's shoes!!

I trace the tiger’s face on them, 
And feel the glow in its eyes,
It reminds me of the scare he had, 
And thereafter, his incessant cries!

I measure his tiny shoes, 
Against the palm of my hand,
And then I look at him and realise, 
How tall he now stands.

It is in these shoes that he learnt to walk,
After falling a hundred times,
In them, he learnt to kick the ball,
And dance to melodious rhymes. 

He’d wear these shoes, play music, 
And do a cute little jig,
But time has run so quickly away, 
And my baby’s grown so big.

No matter how large his shoes become, 
No matter they take him wherever,
I know I’ll love him and hold him close,
In my heart forever.


Written for the prompt "Tiny Shoes" as a part of the Bar-A-Thon - a - week long blogging marathon for bloggers. If you'd like to participate, or read what other bloggers have to say, visit the BAR for more details.
I'm with #Team Crimson Rush!
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