Thursday, August 4, 2016

Caught Red-handed..

Maya sifted through the contents of the drawer, muttering something under her breath.

‘We are getting late. Hurry up, Maya. You know how bad the traffic is.’

‘Two minutes, Ravi, I can’t find my pink lipstick,’ she said now shuffling through her purse.

‘C’mon, put on something else.’

‘It’s strange Ravi, but in the past couple of months a lot of my things have been disappearing – lipsticks, earrings, even some clothes.’

‘Who can steal these things? You must have misplaced them somewhere,’ he said picking up the car keys and heading out. ‘In the car, 5 minutes, be quick.’

‘Ravi, could it be Nakku? I mean, who else is there in the house?’

 ‘’You must be out of your mind, Nakku Bai is 70 yrs old, and she’s been a trusted servant of this house for the past 3 generations. My mom never had a complaint against her. And have you ever seen her put on lipstick? She wouldn’t even fit into your clothes. C’mon hurry up now, can’t we do this later?’

‘Okay, okay, I’ll think about it in the evening. Let’s go.’

Ravi was about to start his car, when she stopped him. ‘Hey, wait, Kiran’s college fees are due today, I’ll quickly go and give him the cheque.’

Ravi made a face. ‘Quick.’

She nodded and ran into the house. ‘Nakku Maushi,’ she called out, ‘Has Kiran left for college?’

‘He was sitting here watching TV,’ said Nakku. 'I think I saw him go to his room after you went out.'

This boy, she thought, he can sit all day watch TV but not remember to collect the cheque for his fees. When will he grow up? 

Maya hurriedly wrote a cheque and scampered to Kiran’s room. Kiran was not in the room. Maya sighed. Let me ask Nakku to give this to him, she thought. Just as she turned to leave, she heard the creak of the door.

Emerging from the closet believing his parents to have left for work, was Kiran, the pink lipstick on his lips, and her blue earrings dangling from his ear. 


Written for the prompt "Caught Red-handed" as a part of the Bar-A-Thon - a - week long blogging marathon for bloggers. If you'd like to participate, or read what other bloggers have to say, visit the BAR for more details.
I'm with #Team Crimson Rush!
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