Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I surrender....

A glorious sunset, a breathtaking view,
Crimson corundums in different hues
“Padparadscha” ,shall I call it?
Lotuses into the sun infuse.

An expansive ocean dances below,
Pounding waves, frothy brine and the tidal flow
Circling seagulls, caressing breeze, and luminous clouds,
Complete the mesmerizing tableau.

Shimmering ripples, molten gold,
A pompous sight to behold,
Spreading as far as the eye can see,
Stretching beyond the threshold…

The waves creeping up to my feet,
Gently kissing before it retreats,
Spreading a sheet of tranquility,
Making me feel blessed and complete!

Oh! Supreme artist and creator,
I bow before you in prayer,
Soaked in the beauty of your creations,
I surrender… I surrender….I surrender.

(image courtesy: google...)

* "Padparadscha" is a corundum, the colour which is a blend of the Srilankan lotus and yellow sapphire.

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