Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The kill...

They had tormented her for long! They had kept her under their complete control. She could not even step out of her room when they were around.

‘How dare they make my life so miserable! I must do something about it’, she thought.

This fear and hatred led to the conception of a deadly plan.

‘If I have to put an end to this torture I must soil my hands with their blood. That will be my only salvation’, she said and strengthened her resolve to kill them.

It was a Friday and the children would have holidays for the weekend. She would execute her plan then. She packed off her children to school and went to the nearby chemist and brought her weapon. A deadly combination of Imiprothrin and Cypermethrin. A drug so potent, that just a few drops would suffice to send them into deep sleep.


The thought brought a smirk to her face. She also brought a pair of surgical gloves and surgical mask.

So long, farewell…

Behenji, be careful if you have children around the house. This is very toxic”, the chemist warned her.

“Yes bhaisaab, I will be careful.”

She hid the drug on the attic in her room. Then she called up her mother.

“Mom, shall I send over Guddu and Bunty to your place for the weekend? They wanted to play with Chotu and Raju. I’ll pick them up on Sunday,” she said to her mother.

“Of course, my dear, you need not ask my permission.”

After the kids came from school she dropped them off to her mother’s place. She did not want any witnesses for the gory incident. Her husband was away on tour and would be back only on Sunday morning. Perfect!

Now everything was in place and she could not wait for night to fall!

She wondered whether she should mix the drug with the food or just smother them with it. She decided on the latter. Food would be a dead giveaway. It was almost half past 10 and she had finished her dinner and cleaning. Everything was dark. Maybe they had gone off to sleep.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll never wake up’, she thought as an evil smile lit up her face.

Then she stealthily brought down the weapon so as not to alert them to the impending danger. She put on her gloves and mask and smiled. Then she quietly opened the door of her bedroom, but did not switch on the light. Quickly, she used her weapon on the unsuspecting preys and in so much quantity that they did not stand a chance of survival, leave alone try to escape. She saw them writhing in pain as they succumbed to their death. Then she walked to her in-laws bedroom. Her gait was more confident this time. She repeated her act till she ensured the unwanted guests had breathed their last.

Alas, they were gone now, forever! There were little beads of perspiration on her forehead, a smile on her lips, for a job well executed, and her heart was now free of fear! She didn’t bother to do anything else. She just removed her gloves and washed her hands. Then she went to sleep on the carpet in the hall.

Next morning she got up to see the victims lying dead and motionless. They deserved to die. Then she brought out the broom and dustpan from the closet and began gathering all the dead cockroaches in it. Finally she had gotten rid of them!

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