Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for Karma.......

“Karma” has its origin in Sanskrit and means work, action or deed. Though it has its origin in India, but the concepts of Karma are widely accepted and followed the world over. Understanding and applying the concepts in our day to day life will change the way we think and act. It makes us think before we say or do anything. The philosophy of Karma can be a thought of as guide to better living. The laws of Karma tell us to do good deeds and keep our actions pure. This is what the laws of Karma teach us-

Be good and do good- The law of karma says that time and circumstances can change at any time. So do not devalue or hurt anyone, because, you may be powerful today, but time is more powerful than you.  Look at this example. When a bird is alive it eats insects, it eats ants. And when that bird is dead, Ants eat that bird!!  Likewise, one tree can make a million match sticks, but one matchstick can burn a million trees!!! So be good and do good!

Forgive –The law of Karma says, forgive the sinner and his actions, and never give in to hate. Don’t take revenge, because Karma will get hold of those that hurt you and take care of what is meant to be. You don’t have to add to your bad karmas by taking revenge.  How people treat you is their karma and how you react to it is yours.

Keep your intentions clear and truthful- Karma is very powerful. So it is important that we are truthful and do everything with a clear intention. The actions that have been performed with good intentions will be rewarded and actions performed with wrong intentions be punished.

You reap what you sow- You cannot sow weed and expect to reap rice, can you? That is what this law of Karma is all about. Kindness begets kindness; love begets love...and so on. What goes around comes around. So keep your circle positive. Think good thoughts, say good words and do good deeds.

Act with love- Everything in life comes full circle. And that is why it is so important to beware of envy, greed, and such negative thoughts, because what we project is what we receive. Act with love so you receive love.

Belief- This is Karma’s law of willingness. It says that what you believe to be true, the universe reflects back your belief to you. When negative circumstances challenge your positive beliefs, don’t let go of your beliefs, just hold on to them. The universe will turn that something negative into something positive, when you believe in the positive.  

Live in the present- No matter how much you regret, how angry or sad you become, the yesterdays will never return. Thinking about what you could have changed in your past only alleviates your suffering. So think about what you can do today and do it right.

Yeah, I know it sounds preachy, It looks like an awful lot of laws and too much to ask of ourselves! But in reality, every law is the same, the end result of each law is the same, what it expects us to do, is the same.......and that is, do good deeds and keep your actions pure.

 Have a good Karma day!!

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